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DNASTAR Video Library- Flash Version

Select one of our training videos below to see how it's done. Don't see what you're looking for? Please let us know. We'd be happy to create a video or do a demonstration via webinar for whatever workflow you need.


Videos by Topic
Cloning Product Overviews
Video Gateway MultiSite Cloning (3:59) Video Lasergene 11 Overview (3:01)
Video Virtual Cloning Overview (1:04) Video Introducing Lasergene 11 Webinar (44:11)
Video Directional TOPO Cloning (2:59) Video Using the DNASTAR Cloud (3:57)
Video TA Cloning in 3 Easy Steps (1:44) Video Lasergene Core Suite Webinar (53:56)
Video Restriction Enzyme Cloning (3:45) Video Lasergene Genomics Suite Webinar (59:19)
Video Gateway Cloning (3:20) Video Cloning and Primer Design Webinar (56:58)
Video Creating Custom Cloning Vectors (3:54) Video De Novo Genome Assembly Webinar (38:30)
Gene Detection
Video Alignment and Gene Discovery Webinar (54:36)
Video Gene Discovery Overview (1:05) Video RNA-Seq Webinar (56:27)
Video Getting Started with GeneQuest (3:12) Video Protean 3D Overview Webinar (52:06)
Video Aligning Exons to a Reference (2:53) Video Automated Genome Closure Webinar (56:03)
Video Analyzing Restriction Enyzmes (0:34) Video Manual Gap Closure Webinar (58:29)
Video Using the Borodovsky Method (0:34) Video Sanger Sequence Assembly Webinar (50:37)
Video Locating Transcription Factor Binding Sites (2:52) Video Illumina Assembly and Analysis Webinar (56:09)
Gene Expression Analysis
Video Ion Torrent Analysis Webinar (58:24)
Protein Analysis
Video Video Getting Started with NovaFold (4:50)
Analyzing Gene Expression Patterns (1:17) Video Protein Analysis Overview (1:38)
Video Identifying Co-Regulated Genes (1:15) Video Protean 3D's Analysis View (1:44)
Video Clustering Gene Expression Data (0:40) Video Using Protean Methods (0:29)
Video Creating Gene Sets (2:38) Video Finding PROSITE Patterns (3:03)
Video Using the Gene Table (3:13) Video Getting Started with Protean 3D (4:39)
Video Using the Gene Ontology View (2:47) Video Rotating and Moving a Structure (0:33)
Video Using the Scatter Plot (0:50) Video Using the Motion Library (0:36)
Video Using Venn Diagrams (4:14) Video Changing Rendering Styles (3:19)
Video Importing Microarray Data (3:19) Video Creating Surfaces and Adjusting Lighting (5:03)
Video Importing Annotations in ArrayStar (3:22) Video Predicting Epitopes in Protean 3D (3:38)
Video Importing Custom Annotation and Ontology Data (3:33) Video Aligning Protein Structures (2:56)
Video Combining RNA-Seq and Microarray Data (4:39) Video Viewing Protease Cleavage Sites (1:57)
Multiple and Pairwise Alignments
Video Epitope Prediction (4:19)
Getting Started with MegAlign Pro (2:27) Sequence Analysis and Visualization
Video Sequence Alignment Overview (1:07)
Sequence Analysis Overview (11:45)
Performing a Pairwise Alignment (2:53) Video Managing Large Groups of Sequences (2:49)
Performing a Dot Plot Pairwise Alignment (3:09) Video Filtering Enzymes (3:01)
Video Editing an Alignment (2:10) Video Identifying Enzymes to Excise a Gene (3:09)
Video Performing a Sub-Alignment (3:23) Video Adding New Restriction Enzymes (2:41)
Video Creating an Agarose Gel Simulation (1:56)
Video Video Preparing a Map for Presentation (2:43)
Video Video Customizing Your SeqBuilder Layout (4:43)
Video Video Performing BLAST and Entrez Searches (4:16)
Video Video Translation Numbering (1:36)
Video Choosing an Alignment Method (4:09) Video Batch Translation of Genomic Annotations (2:55)
Video Customizing the Alignment Report (0:40) Video Modifying the Genetic Code (4:23)
Next-Gen Workflows
Video Editing Feature Styles (0:58)
Overview: De Novo Genome Assembly (1:35) Video Importing Vector NTI Data (2:27)
Overview: Ref-Guided Genome Assembly (1:30) Video SeqNinja Overview (4:21)
Video Handling Large Data Sets in SeqNinja (5:39)
Sequence Assembly and Analysis
Assembling Sanger Sequencing Data (3:58)
Aligning Sanger Sequences to a Reference (4:12)
Ion Torrent: De Novo Bacterial Genome (5:03) Video Annotating the Consensus (2:57)
Video Ion Torrent: Ref-Guided Human Amplicon (5:18) Video Assembling into Groups (2:29)
Ion Torrent: Ion AmpliSeq™ Cancer Panel (6:25) Video Adding Data to an Existing Assembly (2:42)
Video Ion Torrent: Mate Pair De Novo Assembly (5:16) Video Exporting the Consensus (3:12)
Video Ion Torrent: Paired-End Assembly (4:34)
Visualizing Coverage (2:22)
Video PacBio: Amplicon Resequencing Assembly (5:59) Video Analyzing Coverage (0:39)
Video PacBio: Templated Genome Assembly (4:29) Video Primer Walking (2:33)
Video 454: De Novo Bacterial Assembly (3:49) Video Performing a Batch BLAST (2:39)
Video 454 De Novo Transcriptome Assembly (2:47) Video Recomputing the Consensus (2:28)
Illumina: Ref-Guided Bacterial Genome (2:20) Video Searching the Assembly (3:59)
Automated Genome Closure (4:51) Video Finding Conflict Splits (4:04)
Video Overview: RNA-Seq Workflow (1:20) Video Merging Contigs (3:45)
Video RNA-Seq Alignment and Analysis (5:14) Video Changing Assembly and Analysis Settings (3:45)
Video Overview: ChIP-Seq Workflow (1:31) Video Editing the Alignment (3:02)
Video Setting Up an RNA-Seq Project (0:58) SNP Detection and Analysis
Video Setting Up a ChIP-Seq Project (1:17) Video
Video Detecting Viral Integration Sites (3:44)
Filtering SNPs (4:05)
Copy Number Variation Reporting (3:59) Video Finding Coding Change & Splice Site SNPs (2:12)
Video Assembly and Alignment of 16S Data (3:46) Video Creating Custom SNP Sets (4:19)
Video Using the Exome Coverage Report (4:20) Video Using the dbSNP Association Feature (1:01)
Video Identifying Structural Variants (3:42) Video Interactive SNP Reports (0:27)
Video SeqMan NGen Technical Requirements (2:22) Video SNP Discovery Parameters (0:37)
Primers Video Using the Fisher's Exact Test (4:09)
Primer Design Overview (2:02) Video Advanced Multi-Sample SNP Filtering (3:39)
Video Advanced Primer Design (3:33) Video Using Phenotype Data for SNP Analysis (4:36)
Designing Primers (2:50) Video Comparing SNP Sets with Venn Diagrams (4:17)
Video Modifying Your Primers (2:53) Video Using VCF Files for SNP Analysis (3:35)
Video Extracting PCR Product for Cloning (2:02) Video Creating a Novel SNP Database (3:05)
Video Using Primer Catalogs (2:16) Video Multiple Sample Assembly and Analysis-Part 1 (5:12)
Publication-Quality Graphics
Video Multiple Sample Assembly and Analysis-Part 2 (4:05)
Creating a Genomic Map (4:09)    
Using Data Files to Build a Genome Map (0:55)    
Video Working with Panels in GenVision (0:27)    
Video Integrating Data into a Single Illustration (3:17)    
Video Alignment and Phylogenetic Tree Images (4:17)