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DNASTAR Video Library

Select one of our training videos below to see how it's done. Don't see what you're looking for? Please let us know. We'd be happy to create a video or do a demonstration via webinar for whatever workflow you need.

Note: All of the videos listed below are hosted on YouTube. If you are unable to access YouTube, please use our alternate video library page which presents the same videos as Flash-embedded HTML.


Videos by Topic
Cloning Product Overviews
Video Gateway MultiSite Cloning (3:59) Video Lasergene 11 Overview (3:02)
Video Virtual Cloning Overview (1:04) Video Introducing Lasergene 11 Webinar (44:11)
Video Directional TOPO Cloning (2:59) Video Using the DNASTAR Cloud (3:57)
Video TA Cloning in 3 Easy Steps (1:44) Video Lasergene Core Suite Webinar (53:56)
Video Restriction Enzyme Cloning (3:45) Video Lasergene Genomics Suite Webinar (59:19)
Video Gateway Cloning (3:20) Video Cloning and Primer Design Webinar (56:58)
Video Creating Custom Cloning Vectors (3:54) Video De Novo Genome Assembly Webinar (38:30)
Gene Detection
Video Alignment and Gene Discovery Webinar (54:36)
Video Gene Discovery Overview (1:05) Video RNA-Seq Webinar (56:27)
Video Getting Started with GeneQuest (3:12) Video Protean 3D Overview Webinar (52:06)
Video Aligning Exons to a Reference (2:53) Video Automated Genome Closure Webinar (56:03)
Video Analyzing Restriction Enyzmes (0:34) Video Manual Gap Closure Webinar (58:29)
Video Using the Borodovsky Method (0:34) Video Sanger Sequence Assembly Webinar (50:37)
Video Locating Transcription Factor Binding Sites (2:52) Video Illumina Assembly and Analysis Webinar (56:09)
Gene Expression Analysis
Video Ion Torrent Analysis Webinar (58:24)
Protein Analysis
Video Video Getting Started with NovaFold (4:50)
Analyzing Gene Expression Patterns (1:17) Video Protein Analysis Overview (1:38)
Video Identifying Co-Regulated Genes (1:15) Video Protean 3D's Analysis View (1:44)
Video Clustering Gene Expression Data (0:40) Video Using Protean Methods (0:29)
Video Creating Gene Sets (2:38) Video Finding PROSITE Patterns (3:03)
Video Using the Gene Table (3:13) Video Getting Started with Protean 3D (4:39)
Video Using the Gene Ontology View (2:47) Video Rotating and Moving a Structure (0:33)
Video Using the Scatter Plot (0:50) Video Using the Motion Library (0:36)
Video Using Venn Diagrams (4:14) Video Changing Rendering Styles (3:19)
Video Importing Microarray Data (3:19) Video Creating Surfaces and Adjusting Lighting (5:03)
Video Importing Annotations in ArrayStar (3:22) Video Predicting Epitopes in Protean 3D (3:38)
Video Importing Custom Annotation and Ontology Data (3:33) Video Aligning Protein Structures (2:56)
Video Combining RNA-Seq and Microarray Data (4:39) Video Viewing Protease Cleavage Sites (1:57)
Multiple and Pairwise Alignments
Video Epitope Prediction (4:19)
Getting Started with MegAlign Pro (2:27) Sequence Analysis and Visualization
Video Sequence Alignment Overview (1:07)
Sequence Analysis Overview (11:45)
Performing a Pairwise Alignment (2:53) Video Managing Large Groups of Sequences (2:49)
Performing a Dot Plot Pairwise Alignment (3:09) Video Filtering Enzymes (3:01)
Video Editing an Alignment (2:10) Video Identifying Enzymes to Excise a Gene (3:09)
Video Performing a Sub-Alignment (3:23) Video Adding New Restriction Enzymes (2:41)
Video Creating an Agarose Gel Simulation (1:56)
Video Video Preparing a Map for Presentation (2:43)
Video Video Customizing Your SeqBuilder Layout (4:43)
Video Video Performing BLAST and Entrez Searches (4:16)
Video Video Translation Numbering (1:36)
Video Choosing an Alignment Method (4:09) Video Batch Translation of Genomic Annotations (2:56)
Video Customizing the Alignment Report (0:40) Video Modifying the Genetic Code (4:23)
Next-Gen Workflows
Video Editing Feature Styles (0:58)
Overview: De Novo Genome Assembly (1:36) Video Importing Vector NTI Data (2:27)
Overview: Ref-Guided Genome Assembly (1:31) Video SeqNinja Overview (4:21)
Video Handling Large Data Sets in SeqNinja (5:39)
Sequence Assembly and Analysis
Video Metagenomic Assembly and Analysis (3:46)
Assembling Sanger Sequencing Data (3:58)
Aligning Sanger Sequences to a Reference (4:12)
Ion Torrent: De Novo Bacterial Genome (5:03) Video Annotating the Consensus (2:57)
Video Ion Torrent: Ref-Guided Human Amplicon (5:18) Video Assembling into Groups (2:29)
Video Ion Torrent: Ion AmpliSeq™ Cancer Panel (6:25) Video Adding Data to an Existing Assembly (2:42)
Ion Torrent: Mate Pair De Novo Assembly (5:16) Video Exporting the Consensus (3:12)
Video Ion Torrent: Paired-End Assembly (4:34)
Visualizing Coverage (2:22)
Video PacBio: Amplicon Resequencing Assembly (5:59) Video Analyzing Coverage (0:39)
Video PacBio: Templated Genome Assembly (4:29) Video Primer Walking (2:33)
Video 454: De Novo Bacterial Assembly (3:49) Video Performing a Batch BLAST (2:39)
Video 454 De Novo Transcriptome Assembly (2:47) Video Recomputing the Consensus (2:28)
Video Illumina: Ref-Guided Bacterial Genome (2:21) Video Searching the Assembly (3:59)
Automated Genome Closure (4:51) Video Finding Conflict Splits (4:04)
Overview: RNA-Seq Workflow (1:20) Video Merging Contigs (3:46)
Video RNA-Seq Alignment and Analysis (5:14) Video Changing Assembly and Analysis Settings (3:45)
Video Overview: ChIP-Seq Workflow (1:31) Video Editing the Alignment (3:02)
Video Setting Up an RNA-Seq Project (0:58) SNP Detection and Analysis
Video Setting Up a ChIP-Seq Project (1:17) Video Filtering SNPs (4:05)
Video Detecting Viral Integration Sites (3:44) Video
Video Copy Number Variation Reporting (3:59) Video Creating Custom SNP Sets (4:19)
Assembly and Alignment of 16S Data (3:46) Video Using the dbSNP Association Feature (1:01)
Video Using the Exome Coverage Report (4:20) Video Interactive SNP Reports (0:27)
Video Identifying Structural Variants (3:42) Video SNP Discovery Parameters (0:37)
Video Iterative Transcriptome Assembly (4:51) Video Using the Fisher's Exact Test (4:09)
Video SeqMan NGen Technical Requirements (2:22) Video Advanced Multi-Sample SNP Filtering (3:39)
Primers Video Using Phenotype Data for SNP Analysis (4:36)
Primer Design Overview (2:02) Video Comparing SNP Sets with Venn Diagrams (4:17)
Video Advanced Primer Design (3:33) Video Using VCF Files for SNP Analysis (3:35)
Video Designing Primers in SeqBuilder (2:50) Video Creating a Novel SNP Database (3:05)
Modifying Your Primers (2:53) Video Multiple Sample Assembly and Analysis-Part 1 (5:12)
Video Extracting PCR Product for Cloning (2:02) Video Multiple Sample Assembly and Analysis-Part 2 (4:05)
Video Using Primer Catalogs (2:16)    
Publication-Quality Graphics
Creating a Genomic Map (4:09)    
Using Data Files to Build a Genome Map (0:55)    
Working with Panels in GenVision (0:27)    
Video Integrating Data into a Single Illustration (3:17)    
Video Alignment and Phylogenetic Tree Images (4:17)