Lasergene Core Suite Definition and Specifications


Definition and Features

Lasergene Core Suite is a suite of ten applications for use in sequence assembly and analysis of proteins and nucleic acids. The software is useful in sequence assemblies, alignment of DNA and protein sequences, prediction of protein structure, gene discovery, SNP discovery, reporting and filtering, creation of virtual clones, oligo design, and genomic visualizations. Unique features of Lasergene Core Suite include:


  • Contig alignment
  • Phylogenetic analysis
  • SNP detection, reporting and filtering
  • SNP confirmation
  • Multiple methods of alignment standard
  • Protein modeling structures
  • TA, Gateway, Gatway MultiSite, Directional TOPO and virtual restriction enzyme cloning
  • The ability to create publication-quality images of annotated genomes

    Technical Requirements

    Supported platforms and operating systems for Lasergene Core Suite can be found on the Technical Requirements page.