DNASTAR Software in Core Facilities


DNASTAR Next-Gen Sequencing Software in Core Facilities

DNASTAR has long been known as the gold-standard for sequence analysis software used by life scientists worldwide. Lesser known however, is that our Lasergene Genomics Suite software also has a strong and growing presence in small to mid-sized core facilities.

Why? See a few of the reasons listed below.


DNASTAR Lasergene Genomics Suite Next-Gen Sequencing Software in Core Facilities, Assembly and Variant Detection, Compare SNPs across individuals, compare SNPs to dbSNP, COSMIC, or GERP data, Analyze Gene Disruption and Gene Ontology

Integration with Lasergene Core Suite

SeqMan NGen, the next-gen sequence assembly component of the Lasergene Genomics Suite, provides output that is fully compatible with Lasergene Core Suite, which for millions of life scientists, has been the sequence analysis software of choice for over 25 years. Lasergene Core Suite enables comprehensive post-assembly analysis of completed assemblies, including SNP and genotype calling using Bayesian statistical models, SNP and small indels comparisons to dbSNP, COSMIC, and GERP databases, identification of large insertions and deletions in reference-guided assemblies, depth of coverage analysis, scaffold creation, consensus annotation, and more. Lasergene Genomics Suite enables you to provide a completed assembly that is ready for in-depth analysis using tools many end-users already know well.


Minimal Start-Up Time Required

Whether you provide a completed assembly to the end-users, or simply provide data files for end-users to assemble, Lasergene Genomics Suite is extremely user-friendly and easy to learn. Although most find our software to be very intuitive, we provide outstanding resources to support our customers in their endeavors, including a robust and growing library of video tutorials,  free online webinars led by our own scientists and technical experts, as well as the best phone and email support around.


Competitive Pricing

We recognize that one size does not fit all, so we offer several different licensing options for Lasergene Genomics Suite, so that we can best meet your specific needs. Many core facilities take advantage of our site license option, which gives you an unlimited number of licenses for the product you purchase, and you may install the software on as many computers as you wish. Even groups as small as 15-20 users often find that purchasing a site license is both the most convenient as well as the lowest cost-per-use option. Also, by fixing the investment today, you lock in favorable pricing for future years. Request a quote for more information.


Comprehensive and Flexible Software

Lasergene Genomics Suite provides all of the software you need for next-gen sequence assembly and analysis in a single, integrated package. We support Linux, as well as Macintosh and Windows, and can run just as easily on a desktop computer using a user-friendly GUI as we can an overclocked, high-end machine running automated scripts. We accept all major next-gen and third-gen sequencing technologies, making it simple to work with your data for any type of project, including de novo or reference-guided genome assemblies, targeted resequencing, metagenome and population assemblies, cancer genomics and clinical research, RNA-Seq, ChIP-Seq, and miRNA alignment and analysis, and more.