Supported File Types

ArrayStar with QSeq

ArrayStar with QSeq are included within the Lasergene Genomics Suite. Below are the file types supported for import and export by each application.

Imported File Types

File Format ArrayStar QSeq
ArrayStar (*.dmaproj,*.astar,)
Affymetrix (*.chp,*.csv1, *.xml2,*.xml3*.arr4, *.cel5)  
Roche NimbleGen (*.call, *.calls txt, *ngd6,*.pair.txt files7)  
Agilent/Feature Extraction (*txt), GenePix (*.gpr)9  
Illumina Microarray (*.csv, *txt)  
SNP data (*.txt, *.assembly)  
Variant Call Files (*.vcf)13  
Illumina Sequence (*.fastq, *.fas, *txt, *.qseq.txt)   9
Roche 454 (*.fna, *.fas, *.sff)   9
FastA (*.fas, *.fa,*.nt, *txt)   9, 10
FastQ (*.fastq)   9
ABI SOLiD (*.gff, *.csfasta)   9
SCF2/SCF3 (*.scf)   9
Helicos (*.fa, *.txt)   9
ABI11 (*.abi, *.ab1, *abd)   9
Lasergene DNA (*.seq)   10
GenBank (*.gbk, *.gb)   10
DNA Multi-seq (*.mseq)12   9
GCG (*.seq, *.gcg)   10
EMBL (*.embl, *txt)   10
VectorNTI (*.gb)   10
GeneQuest (*.dad)   10
SeqBuilder (*.sbd, *.sbp)   10
Alignment files (*.aln, *.gff, *.bed, *.SAM, *.BAM)  
SeqMan NGen alignment files (*.assembly)  
ELAND alignment files (*.txt)  
Illumina alignment files (*.txt)  
Others (*.txt,*.csv8) 9, 10

1 Affymetrix annotation files.
2 Affymetrix MAGE-ML sample attributes files.
3 Affymetrix MAGE-ML annotation files.
4 Affymetrix attribute files.
5 Affymetrix files, un-normalized
6 Nimblegen design files.
7 NimbleGen files, un-normalized
8 Any user-defined, delimited text files containing annotation or expression data.
9 Sequence reads.
10 As a template/reference.
11 ArrayStar does not support ABI files without base calls.
12 ArrayStar does not recognize features saved in *.mseq files as annotations.
13 Supported for SNP projects only.

Exported File Types

File Format ArrayStar QSeq
ArrayStar (*.dmaproj, *.astar)
Text files (*.txt) 1  
Comma-delimited (*.csv) 1  
Normalized signal values (*.chp)  
Roche NimbleGen CALL-type files (*.txt)  
GenVision projects (*.gnv, *.txt)   2, 3
Wiggle (*.wig)   2, 3
Alignment files (*.gff, *.bed)   2
Template (*.fas, *.gbk)  
Sequences (*.fas)  

1Only available in Gene Table view.
2Must be selected in Configure Advanced Options before processing
3 Graphs