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EditSeq - Software for Importing and Editing Unusual File Types


EditSeq is a legacy application that has largely been replaced by SeqBuilder. However, we still provide EditSeq with every Lasergene system, primarily as a utility for importing and editing some less common file formats. With EditSeq, you can manually edit sequence, comments, and annotations, conveniently separated into three panes. Available functions include reverse complement, invert, translate, back-translate, and ORF identification. To learn more, see the Features or Resources tabs below.


"I've always appreciated the fact that EditSeq was able to open sequence files from many sources and formats. I still use it when I have simple tasks like editing raw sequence reads or doing a quick BLAST search."

Peter Nielsen, Max-Planck-Institute for Immunobiology


Sequence Entry

  • Open your DNA or protein data from many other programs or download directly from NCBI using accession numbers, BLAST, or Entrez text searches.
  • Proofread and listen to the sequence via tones or vocalize a sequence.
  • Feature coordinates are automatically updated if you edit your sequence.


  • Sequence, comments and annotations are in separate, editable panes that are dynamically linked.
  • Create features using NCBI's official Genbank annotation field names. Each feature key offers qualifier or /note fields which are used to input additional remarks about the feature.
  • Identify ORFs by specifying start codons, stop codons and minimum ORF sizes.


  • Reverse complement, translate DNA or back translate proteins. EditSeq uses the standard genetic code as the default coding for performing translations and reverse translations.
  • Summarize the number and composition of bases or a region of a protein. The summary includes the percentage of A, G, T, C, and ambiguous bases for DNA, or the number of amino acids, molecular weight, isoelectric point, and the charge at pH 7 for your protein.
  • Control and customize expression-specific codes for non-degenerate back translations.



    Whether you are a long time customer, or are just starting to learn about EditSeq, you may find some of the following resources helpful:

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