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Next-Gen Sequencing Software and Services


For over a quarter century, DNASTAR has been a trusted and respected leader in delivering innovative, high-quality sequence assembly and analysis and gene expression analysis solutions to life scientists. Over time, technology has changed—and so have we. Today, our Lasergene Genomics Suite provides all of the software you need for next-gen sequence assembly and analysis in a single,

integrated package. We support all major next-gen and third-gen sequencing technologies, making it simple to work with your data for any type of project, including de novo or reference-guided genome alignments, targeted resequencing, metagenome and population assemblies, large-scale multi-sample SNP analysis, RNA-Seq, ChIP-Seq, and miRNA alignment and analysis, and more.


White Paper: Considerations for Next-Gen Sequence Assembly and Analysis Software


See Tom Schwei, General Manager at DNASTAR, walk through our poster demonstrating the assembly and analysis of multiple genomic samples using the Lasergene Genomics Suite at the recent NGx Conference in Providence, RI: