MegAlign Pro Software for Multiple Sequence Alignments using MUSCLE, Mauve, or Clustal Omega

MegAlign Pro - Software for Multiple Sequence Alignments using MUSCLE, Mauve, or Clustal Omega


Lasergene’s MegAlign Pro application enables you to easily perform multiple alignments of large DNA, RNA, or protein sequences using one of three alignment methods: MUSCLE, Mauve, or Clustal Omega. MegAlign Pro also offers several post-alignment analysis tools, including phylogenetic tree generation and access to a distance matrix, showing distances between each pair of sequences. MegAlign Pro's integrated views give you multiple ways to view your alignment simultaneously and several style options that allow you to control what's displayed. Color coding, rulers, and annotations (if available) can be used to assist you in locating variations and other items of interest. Following an alignment in MegAlign Pro, you can easily transfer your results to MegAlign where you can perform bootstrapping and generate additional reports. To learn more, see the Features or Resources tabs below.



Align Multiple Sequences with MUSCLE, Mauve, or Clustal Omega

  • Perform a multiple sequence alignment of large sequences using MUSCLE, Mauve, or Clustal Omega alignment methods
  • Concatenate a group of chromosomes, contigs, or fragments end-to-end to treat them as a single multi-segment sequence
  • Use the default alignment parameters or customize as needed
  • Check alignment quality using consensus match histogram

    Utilize Post-Alignment Analysis Tools

  • Generate phylogenetic trees to predict evolutionary relationships
  • Use the Distance Matrix to analyze distances between each pair of sequences
  • For genomic alignments aligned with Mauve, explore the relationship between aligned blocks

    Easily Adjust the Interface to Meet Your Needs

  • Display/hide sequence annotations and features
  • Control the distance metric and phylogenetic tree layout
  • Utilize one of four color schemes for the best visual assessment of your alignment

    Export for Further Analysis

  • Export aligned sequences as FASTA (with gaps) or MSF
  • Export phylogenetic tree or distance matrix
  • One-click export of alignment to MegAlign for additional analysis
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