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DNASTAR is the worldwide leader in DNA sequence analysis software, and based on citations in peer-reviewed journals, it shows. Every year for the last 28 years, more researchers have cited DNASTAR's software in scientific journals than any other sequence analysis software.

A Sampling of 2013 Publications Citing DNASTAR Software

Comparing SNPs Identification by CLC and SeqMan from Transcriptome Sequencing Data
Sajnani M.R., Bhatt V.D., and Joshi C.G.
International Journal of Computational Biology, June 2013; 4: 56-60.
SeqMan NGen and SeqMan Pro were compared to CLC Bio in terms of predicting potential SNPs from human buccal cancer and healthy trancriptome data from Roche 454 sequencing data. The study found that the "performance of SeqMan seems better than that of CLC in terms of utility and accuracy."

Identification and Characterization of Spontaneous Deletions within the Sp11-Sp12 Prophage Region of Escherichia coli O157:H7 Sakai
Chun Chen, Carrie R. Lewis, Kakolie Goswami, Elisabeth L. Roberts, Chitrita DebRoy, Edward G. Dudley
Appl. Envir. Microbiol, Mar 2013; 79: 1934-1941.
SeqMan NGen and SeqMan Pro were used to perform and analyze a reference-guided bacterial genome assembly with Illumina data.

Population genomics reveals a possible history of backcrossing and recombination in the gynogenetic fish Poecilia formosa
Laura Alberici da Barbiano, Zachariah Gompert, Andrea S. Aspbury, Caitlin R. Gabor, and Chris C. Nice
PNAS,  Aug 2013; 110:  13797-13802.
SeqMan NGen was used to perform both de novo and reference-guided assemblies with Illumina data.

Contrasted Evolution of the Vomeronasal Receptor Repertoires in Mammals and Squamate Reptiles
Urszula Brykczynska, Atanasia C. Tzika, Ivan Rodriguez, and Michel C. Milinkovitch
Genome Biol Evol., Feb 2013; 5: 389 - 401.
SeqMan NGen was used to perform assemblies with both Illumina and Roche 454 data.

A Conserved Apomixis-Specific Polymorphism Is Correlated with Exclusive Exonuclease Expression in Premeiotic Ovules of Apomictic Boechera Species
José M. Corral, Heiko Vogel, Olawale M. Aliyu, Götz Hensel, Thomas Thiel, Jochen Kumlehn, and Timothy F. Sharbel
Plant Physiology, Dec 2013; 163:  1660 - 1672.
SeqBuilder, SeqMan Pro, and MegAlign were used to view, edit, and align sequences.

Epitopes of the Highly Immunogenic Trichomonas vaginalis α-Actinin Are Serodiagnostic Targets for Both Women and Men
Calvin J. Neace, J. F. Alderete
J. Clin. Microbiol., Aug 2013;  51:  2483 - 2490.
MegAlign was used to construct hydrophobicity and antigenicity plots of epitope amino acid sequences.

The Extracytoplasmic Function Sigma Factor EcfO Protects Bacteroides fragilis against Oxidative Stress

Ivan C. Ndamukong, Jason Gee, C. Jeffrey Smith
J. Bacteriol, Jan 2013; 195: 145-155
ArrayStar was used for data analysis.

PD-L1 Expression by Neurons Nearby Tumors Indicates Better Prognosis in Glioblastoma Patients
Yawei Liu, Robert Carlsson, Malene Ambjørn, Maruf Hasan, Wiaam Badn, Anna Darabi, Peter Siesjö, and Shohreh Issazadeh-Navikas
J. Neurosci., Aug 2013; 33:  14231 - 14245
ArrayStar was used for gene expression analysis.

The Maf factor Traffic jam both enables and inhibits collective cell migration in Drosophila oogenesis
Felix Gunawan, Mimi Arandjelovic and Dorothea Godt
Development, Jul 2013; 140:  2808-2817.
ArrayStar was used for microarray analysis.

Identification of Genes in Thuja plicata Foliar Terpenoid Defenses
Adam J. Foster, Dawn E. Hall, Leanne Mortimer, Shelley Abercromby, Regine Gries, Gerhard Gries, Jörg Bohlmann, John Russell, and Jim Mattsson
Plant Physiology, Apr 2013; 161:  1993 - 2004
SeqMan NGen was used to perform a transcriptome assembly with Illumina data.

De novo Assembly and Functional Annotation of the Olive (Olea europaea) Transcriptome
Antonio Muñoz-Mérida, Juan José González-Plaza, Andrés Cañada, Ana María Blanco, Maria del Carmen García-López, José Manuel Rodríguez, Laia Pedrola, M. Dolores Sicardo, M. Luisa Hernández, Raúl De la Rosa, Angjelina Belaj, Mayte Gil-Borja, Francisco Luque, José Manuel Martínez-Rivas, David G. Pisano, Oswaldo Trelles, Victoriano Valpuesta, and Carmen R. Beuzón
DNA Res, Feb 2013; 20:  93 - 108
SeqMan Pro was used for assembly of Sanger and 454 sequencing data.

FaGAST2, a Strawberry Ripening-Related Gene, Acts Together with FaGAST1 to Determine Cell Size of the Fruit Receptacle
Enriqueta Moyano-Cañete, María L. Bellido, Nicolás García-Caparrós, Laura Medina-Puche, Francisco Amil-Ruiz, José A. González-Reyes, José L. Caballero, Juan Muñoz-Blanco, and Rosario Blanco-Portales
Plant Cell Physiol, Feb 2013; 54:  218-236
MegAlign was used to align sequences and construct phylogenetic trees.

Human Mitochondrial Chaperone (mtHSP70) and Cysteine Desulfurase (NFS1) Bind Preferentially to the Disordered Conformation, Whereas Co-chaperone (HSC20) Binds to the Structured Conformation of the Iron-Sulfur Cluster Scaffold Protein (ISCU)
Kai Cai, Ronnie O. Frederick, Jin Hae Kim, Nichole M. Reinen, Marco Tonelli, and John L. Markley
J. Biol. Chem. Oct 2013; 288:  28755-28770
SeqMan Pro was used to analyze DNA sequences and identify areas of interest.

A Stress-Activated, p38 Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase-ATF/CREB Pathway Regulates Posttranscriptional, Sequence-Dependent Decay of Target RNAs
Jun Gao, Jacy L. Wagnon, Reine M. Protacio, Galina V. Glazko, Marjorie Beggs, Vinay Raj, Mari K. Davidson, and Wayne P. Wahls
Mol. Cell. Biol. Aug 2013; 33:  3026-3035
SeqMan Pro was used to analyze RNA sequence data.

Polymorphism at genes involved in salt tolerance in Arabidopsis thliana (Brassicaceae)
Eva Puerma and Montserrat Aguadé
Am. J. Botany, Feb 2013;  100:  384-390.
MegAlign was used for multiple sequence alignment.

Negevirus: a Proposed New Taxon of Insect-Specific Viruses with Wide Geographic Distribution
Nikos Vasilakis, Naomi L. Forrester, Gustavo Palacios, Farooq Nasar, Nazir Savji, Shannan L. Rossi, Hilda Guzman, Thomas G. Wood, Vsevolod Popov, Rodion Gorchakov, Ana Vázquez González, Andrew D. Haddow, Douglas M. Watts, Amelia P. A. Travassos da Rosa, Scott C. Weaver, W. Ian Lipkin, and Robert B. Tesh
J. Virol. Mar 2013; 87:  2475-2488
SeqMan NGen was used to assemble viral sequences.

Identification of Medically Relevant Species of Arthroconidial Yeasts by Use of Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization–Time of Flight Mass Spectrometry
Anna Kolecka, Kantarawee Khayhan, Marizeth Groenewald, Bart Theelen, Michael Arabatzis, Aristea Velegraki, Markus Kostrzewa, Mihai Mares, Saad J. Taj-Aldeen, and Teun Boekhout
J. Clin. Microbiol., Aug 2013; 51:  2491-2500
SeqMan Pro was used for editing and assembly of sequence alignments.

First Detection of Heartland Virus (Bunyaviridae: Phlebovirus) from Field Collected Arthropods
Harry M. Savage, Marvin S. Godsey, Jr., Amy Lambert, Nicholas A. Panella, Kristen L. Burkhalter, Jessica R. Harmon, R. Ryan Lash, David C. Ashley, and William L. Nicholson
Am J Trop Med Hyg, Sep 2013; 89:  445-452
SeqMan Pro, MegAlign, and EditSeq applications were used for multiple sequence alignment and primer design.