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Automated Virtual Cloning, Primer Design, and Sequence Editing Software


DNASTAR's Lasergene Cloning Suite is the solid foundation upon which the rest of the Lasergene package is built. Lasergene Cloning Suite software enables you to edit and annotate your sequences, create detailed circular or linear maps, perform automated virtual cloning using a variety of cloning methods, including Gateway multisite, TA, TOPO, and restriction cloning, and also provides all the tools you need for designing the best primer pairs for PCR, sequencing, and hybridization experiments.


The Lasergene Cloning Suite consists of the following applications and workflows:

Supported workflows include:

Primer Design
Automated Virtual Cloning


SeqBuilder - for sequence editing, automated virtual cloning, and primer design
PrimerSelect - for advanced primer design
EditSeq - for importing and editing unusual file types
DNASTAR Navigator
Navigator - a guide to all DNASTAR Lasergene applications



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Product Literature:

Quick-Start Installation Guide

Lasergene Version Comparison Guide

Lasergene Overview

Lasergene Tutorials

Lasergene Tutorial Data - for Windows

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