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SeqMan NGen Video Resources

Watch one of our SeqMan NGen training videos below to learn more about our next-gen sequence assembly and analysis software. Don't see what you're looking for? Please let us know. We'd be happy to create a video or do a demonstration via webinar for whatever workflow you need.

Note: All of the videos listed below are hosted on YouTube. If you are unable to access YouTube, please use our alternate video library page which presents the same videos as Flash-embedded HTML.


SeqMan NGen Videos
Next-Gen Sequence Assembly Overviews Illumina Workflows
Video Overview: De Novo Transcriptome Assembly (1:24) Video Illumina: Ref-Guided Bacterial Genome (2:21)
Video Overview: Ref-Guided Genome Assembly (1:31)
Pacific Biosciences Workflows
Video Overview: De Novo Genome Assembly (1:36) Video
Video PacBio: Templated Genome Assembly (4:29)
Video RNA-Seq Alignment and Analysis (5:14)
Roche 454 Workflows
Video Automated Genome Closure (4:51) Video 454: De Novo Bacterial Assembly (3:49)
Video Metagenomic Assembly and Analysis (3:46) Video 454 De Novo Transcriptome Assembly (2:47)
Video Copy Number Variation Reporting (3:59)
SNP Detection and Analysis
Video Detecting Viral Integration Sites (3:44) Video Filtering SNPs (4:05)
Video Assembly and Alignment of 16S Data (3:46) Video Finding Coding Change & Splice Site SNPs (2:12)
Video Using the Exome Coverage Report (4:20) Video Using the dbSNP Association Feature (1:01)
Video Identifying Structural Variants (3:42) Video Advanced Multi-Sample SNP Filtering (3:39)
Video Iterative Transcriptome Assembly (4:51) Video Creating Custom SNP Sets (4:19)
Video SeqMan NGen Technical Requirements (2:22) Video Using the Fisher's Exact Test (4:09)
Ion Torrent Workflows
Using Phenotype Data for SNP Analysis (4:36)
Ion Torrent: De Novo Bacterial Genome (5:03) Video Using VCF Files for SNP Analysis (3:35)
Video Ion Torrent: Ref-Guided Human Amplicon (5:18) Video Creating a Novel SNP Database (3:05)
Video Ion Torrent: Ref-Guided Bacterial Genome (5:53) Video Multiple Sample Assembly and Analysis-Part 1 (5:12)
Video Ion Torrent: Ion AmpliSeq™ Cancer Panel (6:25) Video Multiple Sample Assembly and Analysis-Part 2 (4:05)
Video Ion Torrent Mate Pair De Novo Assembly (5:16)    
Video Ion Torrent: Paired-End Assembly (4:34)