ArrayStar Definition and Specifications


Definition and Features

ArrayStar is an expression analysis software package designed to work with both microarray and sequence data. The software is useful in identifying expression patterns of genes, determining relative expression levels, identifying groups of co-regulated genes, visualizing clusters of co-regulated genes, identifying differentially expressed genes and to annotate gene groups by functionality. Its optional QSeq application permits the analysis and visualization features of ArrayStar to be used with sequence data. Unique features of ArrayStar include:


  • Multiple normalization methods
  • RNA-Seq applications with optional QSeq application for transcriptome analyses
  • Heat map with advanced tree node analysis capabilities
  • Statistical package for analysis assessment
  • Gene ontology graphics and statistical package for functional associations
  • Scatter plot, line graph and Venn diagram visualizations

    Technical Requirements

    Supported platforms and operating systems for ArrayStar can be found on the Technical Requirements page.