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ArrayStar with QSeq Supported File Types


File Types Imported By ArrayStar and QSeq

File Format ArrayStar QSeq
ArrayStar (*.dmaproj,*.astar,) checkmark checkmark
Affymetrix (*.chp,*.csv1, *.xml2,*.xml3*.arr4, *.cel5) checkmark  
Roche NimbleGen (*.call, *.calls txt, *ngd6,*.pair.txt files7) checkmark  
Agilent/Feature Extraction (*txt), GenePix (*.gpr)9 checkmark  
Illumina Microarray (*.csv, *txt) checkmark  
SNP data (*.txt, *.assembly) checkmark  
Variant Call Files (*.vcf)13 checkmark  
Illumina Sequence (*.fastq, *.fas, *txt, *.qseq.txt)   checkmark9
Roche 454 (*.fna, *.fas, *.sff)   checkmark9
FastA (*.fas, *.fa,*.nt, *txt)   checkmark9,10
FastQ (*.fastq)   checkmark9
ABI SOLiD (*.gff, *.csfasta)   checkmark9
SCF2/SCF3 (*.scf)   checkmark9
Helicos (*.fa, *.txt)   checkmark9
ABI11 (*.abi, *.ab1, *abd)   checkmark9
Lasergene DNA (*.seq)   checkmark10
GenBank (*.gbk, *.gb)   checkmark10
DNA Multi-seq (*.mseq)12   checkmark9
GCG (*.seq, *.gcg)   checkmark10
EMBL (*.embl, *txt)   checkmark10
VectorNTI (*.gb)   checkmark10
GeneQuest (*.dad)   checkmark10
SeqBuilder (*.sbd, *.sbp)   checkmark10
Alignment files (*.aln, *.gff, *.bed, *.SAM, *.BAM)   checkmark
SeqMan NGen alignment files (*.assembly)   checkmark
ELAND alignment files (*.txt)   checkmark
Illumina alignment files (*.txt)   checkmark
Others (*.txt,*.csv8) checkmark checkmark9,10

1 Affymetrix annotation files.
2 Affymetrix MAGE-ML sample attributes files.
3 Affymetrix MAGE-ML annotation files.
4 Affymetrix attribute files.
5 Affymetrix files, un-normalized
6 Nimblegen design files.
7 NimbleGen files, un-normalized
8 Any user-defined, delimited text files containing annotation or expression data.
9 Sequence reads.
10 As a template/reference.
11 ArrayStar does not support ABI files without base calls.
12 ArrayStar does not recognize features saved in *.mseq files as annotations.
13 Supported for SNP projects only.


File Types Exported By ArrayStar and QSeq

File Format
ArrayStar (*.dmaproj, *.astar) checkmark checkmark
Text files (*.txt) checkmark1  
Comma-delimited (*.csv) checkmark1  
Normalized signal values (*.chp) checkmark  
Roche NimbleGen CALL-type files (*.txt) checkmark  
GenVision projects (*.gnv, *.txt)   checkmark2,3
Wiggle (*.wig)   checkmark2,3
Alignment files (*.gff, *.bed)   checkmark2
Template (*.fas, *.gbk)   checkmark
Sequences (*.fas)   checkmark

1Only available in Gene Table view.
2Must be selected in Configure Advanced Options before processing
3 Graphs