DNASTAR Gene Expression Software Solutions


Identifying Groups of Co-regulated Genes

The identification of groups of co-regulated genes is important in better understanding how multiple genes are affected by different experimental conditions and how they collectively affect an organism. This can provide better insight into the regulatory functions of different gene groups in specific situations. DNASTAR's ArrayStar software offers multiple statistical analysis tools and visualization options which allow researchers to quickly and easily identify gene groups of interest to focus on the relevance to phenotypic changes. Features of ArrayStar enable you to:

  • Cluster your data using hierarchical clustering or k-means methods.
  • Compare clusters as line graph thumbnails, employing a range of customizable parameters.
  • Summarize and export data in tabular form for the gene groups you identify, including fold change, statistics, and annotations.

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    For an overview of this workflow, please see the brief video below: