Special Offer to Vector NTI Users

For the past 25 years, DNASTAR has seen many companies come and go in the sequence assembly and analysis software realm. We have also witnessed many companies being purchased by large, public companies, only to see the commitment to their scientific software customers wane or, in some cases, disappear altogether.

Many users are concerned about their ability to be able to continue to use the many data files they have accumulated over time and about what is involved in file transfer when they change to a new software. Lasergene has been specifically designed to make file imports of either sequences or oligos from a Vector NTI database simple and easy to perform. Easy-to-follow directions are included in the VNTI File Transfer Guide.

At DNASTAR, all we do is software, and we do it well. Since the company was started, we have remained consistent in our commitment to providing comprehensive, easy-to-use, well supported, desktop sequence assembly and analysis software for life scientists. It is that commitment that is driving us to introduce a special offer to academic, government and not-for-profit researchers who may currently be feeling the squeeze in meeting their sequence analysis software needs, especially if you have recently been using Vector NTI software.

DNASTAR'S Lasergene software compares favorably with Vector NTI in the following ways:

  • Our license is perpetual.
  • We offer an easy conversion of Vector NTI files to Lasergene file formats.
  • Lasergene's Windows and Macintosh versions are fully and equally well supported.
  • Lasergene is compatible with numerous Next Generation DNA sequencing technologies for assembly, visualization and analysis of results.
  • We are reducing the price of our network usage package, which is our most popular licensing approach.

  • We are offering special reduced pricing (as much as 60% off of our commercial List Price) for perpetual academic, government and not-for-profit network licensing packages of Lasergene.

    If you are interested, you can obtain either a 30-day free trial version of Lasergene or a quote.

    Thank you for considering DNASTAR for your sequence assembly and analysis needs. We appreciate the opportunity to meet your needs.

    Vector NTI is a registered trademark of Invitrogen Corp