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DNASTAR Site License Support

Site licenses have increasingly become one of the most popular choices for organizations with medium to large groups of users. A site license gives you an unlimited number of licenses for the product you purchase, and you may install the software on as many Windows and Macintosh computers as you wish.


If you are considering a site license for your organization, you may find the training resources below helpful. Remember, we're here to help! If you don't see what you're looking for, please let us know.



Our tutorials are designed to walk you through how to use our software using real-life workflows and sample data that we provide. Written tutorials are a great way to learn by doing.


Lasergene Tutorials

Online Help

DNASTAR provides in-depth help for all of our software applications. This help is installed along with your software, and is available for you to access online as well.


EditSeq ArrayStar with QSeq Help - for large-scale, multi-sample variation comparisons and gene expression

DNASTAR Cloud Help - for accessing DNASTAR software on the Cloud

EditSeq Help - for importing and editing unusual file types
GeneQuest Help - for gene discovery and annotation
GenVision Help - for publication-quality illustrations
GenVision GenVision Plug-In Help - for publication-quality illustrations (plug-in version for Adobe Illustrator)
MegAlign MegAlign Help -  for DNA and protein sequence alignments and analysis
MegAlign MegAlign Pro Help - for multiple sequence alignments using MUSCLE
Navigator Navigator Help - for guiding you to the right place for the task at hand
EditSeq NovaFold Help - for protein structure prediction
PrimerSelect PrimerSelect Help - for advanced primer design
Protean Help - for protein structure analysis and prediction
Protean 3D
Protean 3D Help - for exploring macromolecular structure, motion, and function
SeqBuilder Help - for sequence editing and annotation, automated virtual cloning, and primer design
SeqMan Pro
SeqMan Pro Help - for contig assembly and analysis, including SNP discovery
EditSeq SeqMan NGen Help - for next-gen sequence assembly and analysis
SeqNinja SeqNinja Help - for advanced editing of genome sequences and annotations
SeqNinja Help (Command Line Version) - for advanced editing of genome sequences and annotations