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Protean and Protean 3D with NovaFold Video Resources

Watch one of our Protean or Protean 3D with NovaFold training videos below to learn more about our protein analysis software. Don't see what you're looking for? Please let us know. We'd be happy to create a video or do a demonstration via webinar for whatever workflow you need.

Note: All of the videos listed below are hosted on YouTube. If you are unable to access YouTube, please use our alternate video library page which presents the same videos as Flash-embedded HTML.


Protean and Protean 3D with NovaFold Videos
Video Protein Analysis Overview (1:38) Video Rotating and Moving a Structure (0:33)
Video Getting Started with Protean 3D (3:31) Video Predicting Epitopes in Protean 3D (3:38)
Video Getting Started with NovaFold (4:50) Video Creating Surfaces and Adjusting Lighting (5:03)
Video Finding PROSITE Patterns (3:03) Video Using Protean Methods (0:29)
Video Changing Rendering Styles (3:19) Video Aligning Protein Structures (2:56)
Video Using the Motion Library (0:36) Video Viewing Protease Cleavage Sites (1:57)
Video Protean 3D's Analysis View (1:44) Video Epitope Prediction (4:19)