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Protean - Software for Protein Structure Analysis and Prediction


Lasergene’s Protean helps you predict and display patterns, secondary structural characteristics, and physicochemical properties of protein sequences via its comprehensive suite of protein analysis tools. Protean's simple, elegant graphical user interface can also help you locate antigenic determinants and predict protease digestion patterns. Protean provides you with the tools to easily annotate and export your findings as reports, pictures or tables, and is fully integrated with GenVision, allowing for the creation of publication-quality images of your annotated sequence. To learn more, see the Features or Resources tab below.


"A very useful and versatile tool for mining information from protein sequences, and subsequences from within a sequence. I particularly like the quick and easy addition of methods, which can easily be re-arranged for comparison."

David Parkinson, Sheffield Hallam University


Predict Protein Structure Analysis

  • Analyze protein structure from a diverse selection of methods for secondary structure, hydropoathy, antigenicity, amphilicity, surface probability and flexibility. Video See it!
  • Choose methods for recognizing alpha helix, beta sheet, turns and coil structures.
  • Predict the presence of post-translational sumoylated sites to assist in the study of a wide range of cellular activities.

    Locating Patterns and Related Sequences

  • Locate known sites using Prosite pattern searching for biologically significant motifs. Video See it!
  • Predict Proteolytic digestion sites and display the recognition sites.
  • Simulate electrophoretic separation of proteolytic fragments. Above each column in the gel is the name of the protease or molecular weight standard.

    Graphical Displays

  • Juxtapose or superimpose related analysis methods or displays to compare results.
  • Choose line colors, fill patterns, and fill colors for all display objects on your view.
  • Export to GenVision for publication-quality graphical images.
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