Supporting the Advancement of Research

DNASTAR awards grants to deserving small college research institutions through our RISING STAR grant program. RISING STAR grants provide matching funds to acquire Lasergene software on the basis of need and merit in genetics, molecular biology and related research fields.

RISING STAR grant awards allow researchers to realize the full potential of scientific discovery with Lasergene's cutting edge technology by providing eligible labs with a grant for up to $2,500 towards the purchase of Lasergene sequence analysis software.

In addition to adding prestige to your lab, RISING STAR grants increase accessibility to Lasergene, the benchmark in DNA sequencing software. Lasergene allows your lab to edit, manipulate, assemble and analyze DNA and protein sequences through a simple user interface. Achieve more with the comprehensive functionality of Lasergene, which is the only comprehensive sequence analysis software to run on the latest operating systems for both PC and Macintosh computers.

DNASTAR also sets the standard in all aspects of customer service by offering phone and email technical support from our representatives located at our headquarters in Madison, Wisconsin.

Applicants to the RISING STAR grant program must be new DNASTAR customers with a limited budget who are affiliated with a smaller college or university.

Selected participants must agree to the terms and conditions of Lasergene's software license agreement.

To apply for a RISING STAR grant, complete the brief application.

DNASTAR will notify you of the status of your award within 30 days of receiving your application.

DNASTAR expresses its gratitude to the University of Wisconsin and interns from its Life Science Communications program, who dedicated their time and energy during the spring of 2006 to turn the Rising Star program from an idea into reality.