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SeqMan NGen is a High Accuracy NGS Assembler:  Assessment with NA12878 Reference Materials


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DNASTAR is committed to providing innovative and easy to use desktop software tools for today’s life scientists. Our newest release, DNASTAR Lasergene 12, adds the following features to the already robust DNASTAR Lasergene software suite:

  • Gene panel workflows with control validation
  • Integrated VCF and BAM file support within Lasergene Genomics Suite
  • 99.8% SNP prediction accuracy
  • MAFFT alignment algorithm in MegAlign Pro
  • Expanded data analysis capabilites in MegAlign Pro, including enhanced phylogenetic tree generation and profile alignment functionality
  • Video Gene Panels Workflow Video PDF Icon DNASTAR Lasergene Version Comparison Guide
    VideoGetting Started with MegAlign Pro Video (3:11) VideoGene Panels Webinar (56:37)
    VideoMegAlign Pro Version 12 Overview Webinar (43:44)


    DNASTAR Lasergene 12 provides all the software you need for genomics, structural biology, and evolutionary biology research and is available as a complete package or as individual suites to best meet your needs.


    Learn more about the applications included within DNASTAR Lasergene 12:



    DNASTAR Navigator DNASTAR Navigator - for getting started and guiding you to the appropriate application for the task at hand.

    Lasergene Genomics Suite Lasergene Genomics Suite - for assembly and analysis of all major next-gen sequencing data, large-scale multi-sample SNP analysis, and RNA-Seq, ChIP-Seq, and miRNA alignment and analysis.

    Lasergene Structural Biology Suite Lasergene Structural Biology Suite - for protein sequence analysis, exploring macromolecular structure, motion, and function, and 3D structure prediction.

    Lasergene Evolution Suite Lasergene Evolution Suite - for multiple and pairwise sequence alignments as well as several other strong sequence analysis tools to support your core molecular biology needs, including sequence editing, plasmid map creation, virtual automated cloning, SNP reporting, gene finding, and primer design.

    Note that DNASTAR's Lasergene Structural Biology and Evolution Suites comprise what used to be called Lasergene Core Suite.

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    Lasergene Evolution Suite Lasergene Cloning Suite - for sequence editing and annotation, plasmid map creation, virtual automated cloning, and primer design.


    In addition to our renowned software offerings, DNASTAR also provides Genome Assembly Services, for assembling, analyzing and annotating your genome.