Software for RNA-Seq and ChIP-Seq Analysis

QSeq is DNASTAR's next-gen application for sequence quantification processing, and supports SeqMan NGen assemblies of RNA-Seq, ChIP-Seq, CNV, and miRNA data, integrating the analysis of gene expression and SNP interrogation. QSeq is fully integrated with ArrayStar, enabling you to take advantage of its powerful visualization and analytical tools, including using Gene Ontology (GO) annotations for ontology comparisons and gene characterization. 

Features & Highlights


Support for Popular Next-Gen Workflows

  • Copy number variation (CNV) reporting and analysis for multiple samples.
  • RNA-Seq analysis to measure gene expression for transcriptomes using next-gen and third generation sequencing technologies.
  • ChIP-Seq peak detection to discover binding sites of DNA-associated proteins and determine how they interact with the DNA to affect expression in nearby genes.  
  • miRNA discovery and quantification of miRNA sequence data against known miRNA templates.


Data Analysis and Visualization

  • Use the advanced filtering feature to filter genes, IP peaks, IP fragments, isoforms, exons, and more.
  • Easily import GO annotations for ontology comparisons and gene characterization.
  • Explore interactive graphical views, including scatter plots, line graphs, Venn diagrams and heat maps.
  • Export your data to GenVision for publication-quality coverage graphs.