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PrimerSelect was the first primer design application within Lasergene, and has now largely been replaced by the primer design capabilities within SeqBuilder. However, we still include PrimerSelect with every Lasergene system because it can be useful for some advanced primer functions, such as adjusting mispriming parameters and creating a primer catalog. To learn more, see the Features or Resources tab below.


"I have found PrimerSelect to be extremely useful. After struggling to design primers for a very difficult sequence, this program helped save the project."

Andrew McCaw, Monash Institute of Medical Research


Customize Primer Design

  • Determine the best primer pairs or best probes for PCR, sequencing, and hybridization experiments for your entire template or a sub-range of the sequence by coordinates from the feature table. Video See it!
  • Store your existing primers in a catalog to be located by PrimerSelect. Primers may be added to the primer catalog after they are generated. Video See it!
  • See major and alternate PCR product sites simultaneously. This view shows the melting temperature difference between the primers, the difference between annealing and melting temperatures and the amplified product length. 

    Viewing and Editing

  • View primers with restriction maps, reading frames and translations. The triangular “handles” at either end of the primer sequence allow you to shorten or lengthen the sequence by dragging them with your mouse.
  • Adjust parameters such as primer and product length, primer locations, Tm, hairpins or use the default settings.Video See it!
  • Edit the template sequence and share newly created features through integration with SeqBuilder and other Lasergene applications.

    Graphical and Tabular Displays

  • Choose an overview of primers located on your template or view the sequence at base level with graphs of Tm and Delta G on both strands.
  • View sequences and structures of hairpins and primer-dimers.
  • Analyze tables of amplification details, primer base compositions, primer lengths, Tm and Delta G.
  • Resources


    Whether you are a long time customer, or are just starting to learn about PrimerSelect, you may find some of the following resources helpful:

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    For additional resources, please see our Support page.

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