DNASTAR Next-Gen Sequencing Software - ChIP-Seq Analysis Software


ChIP-Seq Analysis Software

DNASTAR's Lasergene Genomics Suite includes software that allows you to quickly and easily analyze ChIP-Seq data. Features of the software enable you to:

  • Assemble ChIP-Seq reads from any major sequencing technology against a template sequence in SeqMan NGen
  • Import completed assembly into ArrayStar for peak detection and gene expression analysis
  • Select binding proteins from the Transcription Facter database, by using a type-in pattern, or by using a position weight matrix to identify binding sites
  • Choose from several peak detection methods
  • Group peaks by the ontology of nearby genes
  • View read alignment for each experiment, as well as coverage along entire genome
  • For more information on using Lasergene Genomics Suite for your ChIP-Seq projects, this brief video gives an overview of the workflow:
    ChIP-Seq Analysis Software


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    Lasergene Genomics Suite ChIP-Seq Benchmarks
    Data Set
    Sequence Technology
    Reference Sequence
    Genome Size (Mbp)
    Number of Reads (M)
    Number of Bases (Mbp)
    Read Length (bp) Coverage

    Assembly Time**

    ChIP- Seq (3 human samples)
    106 M
    1.5 Hrs.

    **Assembly times were calculated using a computer with a 4-Disk RAID-0.