Powerful. Accurate. Simple. Lasergene 13 is here!

We are excited to announce the release of Lasergene 13, a major update that we have been working hard on for many months! This release contains new features and enhancements for each of our three suites: Genomics, Molecular Biology, and Structural Biology. As always, with each release we focus on how we can make your research easier, giving you the most accurate and comprehensive results, in the most streamlined, intuitive, and efficient way possible. So what's new in Lasergene 13? Check out the sections below to find out.

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De novo transcriptome assembly for any size data set on a desktop computer

We've developed new algorithms within Lasergene Genomics Suite that enable you to perform a de novo transcriptome assembly for any size data set on a standard desktop or laptop computer. Our new algorithm utilizes RefSeq to identify and merge transcripts, resulting in longer, more complete mRNA sequences.

Automatic mRNA annotation using RefSeq

Once your de novo transcriptome data has been assembled, the assembled transcripts are then automatically annotated using DNASTAR's transcript annotation tool. This proprietary tool uses transcript annotations extracted from data on the NCBI RefSeq website and allows comparison to either the complete database, or a subset of data that you specify when setting up your project. The annotated results can then be used as a reference set for RNA-Seq gene expression studies or sent to NovaFold for protein structure prediction.

Enhanced template search for structure prediction

NovaFold, DNASTAR's software for structure prediction, now offers a new experimental method for enhancing the structural diversity of the normal template set. For templates selected by protein threading, a proprietary process samples alternate structural conformations and replaces a subset of the templates with lower energy conformations, which may improve the accuracy of the prediction.

Integrated Variant Annotation Database for functional analysis of mutations

As part of Lasergene 13, we've created a new human variant annotation database that is integrated into Lasergene Genomics Suite. This database bundles together data from dbNSFP as well as 1000 Genomes and ESP's Exome Variant Server, making variant analysis — including functional analysis of mutations, reviewing genotype and allele frequencies and genotype information — more convenient than ever.

Automatic annotation mapping between microbial genomes

Copying annotations from a known sequence to an unannotated, but closely related sequence has long been a tedious process. MegAlign Pro and SeqNinja now solve this problem with automatic annotation mapping. This feature automatically filters features by content or thresholds, maps location coordinates, creates reports with the details, then annotates mapped features onto your sequence, all with the click of a button.

Customizable sequence labels for alignments

MegAlign Pro now offers more flexibility with sequence labels, making it simple to get the labels you want on your graphics for publication, as well as reducing the time and effort needed to change sequence ID's to meaningful names.

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In addition to the new features and enhancments described above, Lasergene 13 also includes routine and maintenance updates for the following applications:

Lasergene 13 Released Applications

The most current version of all Lasergene applications is 13.0.0, with the following exceptions: SeqMan NGen is version 13.0.1; SeqBuilder and SeqMan Pro are version 13.0.2; and ArrayStar is version 13.0.3. All of these applications are included in the DNASTAR Lasergene 13.0d installer.

ArrayStar version 13.0.3 is a minor release, addressing issues specific to the Variant Annotation Database.

Lasergene version 13.0.2 is a minor release, addressing issues specific to SeqBuilder and SeqMan Pro.

SeqMan NGen version 13.0.1 is a minor release, addressing issues specific to the de novo transcriptome and viral-host integration workflows.

For current customers, all of our upgrades are included as part of your service plan. If you have a current (non-expired) service plan, you may login to access the latest version of your software.

If you are not a current customer, feel free to try out Lasergene 13 by dowloading a fully-functional free trial, or request a quote to purchase.