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Lasergene Genomics Suite

DNASTAR's Lasergene Genomics Suite includes RNA-Seq alignment software that allows users to quickly and easily align next-gen RNA reads against a reference genome, and then perform in-depth analysis of the aligned data. Features of the software enable you to:

  • Align and analyze any size RNA-Seq data set, from bacteria to human - check out our benchmarks below.
  • View multiple conditions and annotations
  • Identify patterns in two, three or more intersecting sets of RNA-Seq data
  • Combine ChIP-Seq results and RNA-Seq data together in SeqMan NGen for combined gene expression and regulation analysis

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Lasergene Genomics Suite RNA-Seq Alignment Benchmarks
Data Set Sequence
Size (Mbp)
Number of
Reads (M)
Number of
Bases (Mbp)
Length (bp)
RNA-Seq (6 human samples) Illumina Hg19+dbSNP 3,101 322 M 2,687 50 3.5 Hrs.
RNA-Seq (2 human samples) Ion Torrent Hg19+dbSNP 3,101 17.5 M 875 100 1.5 Hrs.

** Assembly times were calculated using a computer with a 4 Disk RAID-0.

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