Supported Sequencing Technology: Illumina

As an Illumina user, you will find that Lasergene Genomics Suite enables you to effortlessly assemble and analyze your sequencing data for the following project types:

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Our software uses parameters that have been optimized specifically for Illumina data and provides full support for Illumina multiplexed data, merge pair data, and paired-end sequence data.

Video icon Webinar: Assembling and Analyzing Illumina Data in Lasergene Genomics Suite (56:08)

NEW! Try our apps on BaseSpace®!

Through Illumina's BaseSpace® environment, DNASTAR now offers two applications. First, DNASTAR offers temporary access to fully functional versions of SeqMan NGen and SeqMan Pro. Together, these two programs allow you to assemble your Illumina reads on the DNASTAR Cloud and then view and analyze the results. Second, DNASTAR features a free application to quickly assemble a de novo bacterial genome in SeqMan NGen. For a brief overview of these applications, watch our video in the Illumina BaseSpace® Webinar Series.

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