DNASTAR NovaFold - Protein Structure Prediction Software
University of Michigan
Zhang Lab

Software for Structure Prediction

“As can be expected based on experience from previous Lasergene modules, DNASTAR has done a great job with Protean3D - NovaFold to create a user-friendly, intuitive interface for organizing and displaying protein structures. I particularly liked the automatic linking of sequence selections between the sequence, analysis and structure display panes and the drag-to-rotate feature in the structural display window.”
Dr. Peter Nielsen, Max Planck Institute of Immunobiology and Epigenetics

“I recently had an opportunity to try NovaFold for several protein structure predictions. I was impressed by how well the predicted models fit my expectation. Visualization of the structures in Protean 3D is also beautiful and easy to work with. My ability to evaluate and modify the structures as necessary is made very easy in your software.”
Samir Naimov DSc, University of Plovdiv "Paisii Hilendarski"


(L to R): DNASTAR CEO Dr. Fred Blattner, Dr. Yang Zhang of the University of Michigan, and DNASTAR
Senior Scientist Dr. Steve Darnell

DNASTAR NovaFold is protein structure prediction software that is based on I-TASSER, the award-winning software package developed by Prof. Yang Zhang's laboratory at the University of Michigan. NovaFold utilizes the I-TASSER algorithms developed by Prof. Zhang that combine threading and ab initio folding technologies to build accurate, full 3D atomic models of proteins with previously unknown structures. NovaFold is available as an add-on to Protean 3D exclusively
on the Amazon Cloud.

The structure of a molecule
predicted by NovaFold

Advantages of DNASTAR NovaFold include:

Hybrid Method of Prediction Technology - NovaFold uses a hybrid method of protein structure prediction which yields highly accurate
models. This approach first identifies structural fragments from multiple templates, and then builds the fragments of sequence not matching a template.
Seamless Integration with Protean 3D - NovaFold is accessible through the menus and panels within Protean 3D, making it simple to integrate structure prediction into existing protein analysis work.

High Performance Computing - Running NovaFold on the Amazon Cloud enables users to harness the power of high performance computing for the computationally-intensive task of structure prediction without purchasing physical hardware.

Flexible Licensing - Select a term license which allows you to run NovaFold for a predefined period of time, or choose to pay per prediction.
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In addition to offering DNASTAR NovaFold exclusively on the Amazon Cloud, our full suite of DNASTAR Lasergene software is now also available on the DNASTAR Cloud.