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With the release of Lasergene 12.2, DNASTAR provides enhanced variant detection in the Lasergene Genomics Suite. To evaluate these improvements, we compared gene panel and whole exome assembly results from two industry-leading pipelines: the BWA read-mapper in combination with the Broad Institute’s Genome Analysis Toolkit (GATK) Unified Genotyper variant caller, and the BWA read-mapper in combination with the GATK Haplotype Base Caller.


Our results demonstrate that SeqMan NGen 12.2 achieves better sensitivity and increased coveragecompared to the BWA+GATK workflows. SeqMan NGen 12.2 also assembles the data and performs variant calling three times faster than the BWA+GATK pipelines. The results from this comparison show that Seqman NGen is a fast, high accuracy read-mapper/variant caller for Illumina sequencing data.


For more information, read our white paper SeqMan NGen 12.2 vs. Two BWA+GATK Workflows:  Variant Detection Comparison Using Illumina Data from NA12878.