Making Accuracy Our First Priority

Upcoming Webinar on Accurate Protein and Antibody Modeling

On July 12 at 12:00 PM EDT, we are offering a free webinar focusing on accurate protein and antibody modeling.


Join DNASTAR Senior Scientist Dr. Steve Darnell and Vice President Dr. Tom Lynch as they demonstrate our three NovaCloud web applications that are now available for structural and molecular biologists looking for accurate, fast, and easy-to-interpret results. 



New White Paper! 

Accuracy of de novo assembly of Sanger trace data: SeqMan Pro versus three alternative pipelines

We know that when it comes to the software you use for your research, nothing is more important than accuracy.  Obtaining reliable results you can trust is non-negotiable. That’s why we devote so much time to testing our software—to make sure you get the right result, every time.


Recently, we put our SeqMan Pro application to the test, by evaluating the results of de novo  assemblies and comparing them to three other commercial software applications: Geneious, Sequencher, and CLC Bio. The results? 


Of the four products tested, our SeqMan Pro gave the highest accuracy when assembling Sanger ABI trace data. Read More

SNP Validation Control

in Lasergene Genomics Suite


Lasergene Genomics Suite offers a validation control workflow which involves running an assembly in SeqMan NGen to verify that you are getting the SNPs that you know are present. This workflow enables you to validate your entire process, including sample preparation, sequencing, and software. Ultimately you will identify sample specific variants and be able to look at the sensitivity, specificity, and balanced accuracy of your project.


#1 in Accuracy for NGS Alignment

and Variant Calling


DNASTAR has conducted numerous studies comparing the accuracy of sequence alignment and variant detection in SeqMan NGen (part of Lasergene Genomics Suite) to results obtained from other aligners.


Our results demonstrate that SeqMan NGen has fewer false negatives and better sensitivity compared to each of the other four workflows tested. SeqMan NGen also aligns exome data and performs variant calling an average of 3.5 times faster than the alternative pipelines: BWA+GATK, CLC Bio’s Genomics Workbench, and Geneious. Read More

LakePharma Protein Engineering Symposium

Witness the accuracy of our Structural Biology software first hand by joining DNASTAR Vice President Tom Lynch in San Francisco on October 6 for the LakePharma Protein Engineering Symposium.


If you’ll be in the area the week of October 2nd and would like to chat one-on-one, let us know!