Mutation modeling and more in Lasergene 15


This month we released Lasergene 15, a major upgrade to the DNASTAR Lasergene package. The release contains exciting new functionality for our structural biology users, including improvements to our structure prediction software and new mutation modeling capabilities.

Join us for a webinar or download a free trial of Lasergene 15 to see these, and other new features, for yourself!

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Lasergene 15


Join DNASTAR Principal Scientist, Dr. Steve Darnell, and DNASTAR’s Head of Marketing, Hosung Shin, on October 25 at 12:00 pm EDT for a 30-minute walk-through of the latest enhancements to Lasergene Structural Biology Suite, including:


  • Demonstration of NovaFold, NovaFold Antibody, and NovaDock workflows, which are now integrated into Protean 3D
  • In depth look at our new mutation modeling feature


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Mutation Modeling in Lasergene 15

With Protean 3D, you can now model mutations of one or more single residues on a protein structure, and calculate whether these changes are likely to be destabilizing compared to the original structure. View modeling results, calculate energy change, and overlay the mutated residue on the original model for presentation and visualization.

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