New Tools for your Structural Bio Research


April was a busy month for our Structural Biology Team!
We started our busy April by releasing two new applications as part of NovaCloud, a collection of cloud apps that generate highly accurate structural models of both proteins and protein-protein complexes that are unattainable through standard modeling methodologies.


New to NovaCloud are NovaDock, for high-resolution protein-protein docking, and NovaFold Antibody, for generating structural models of antibodies and antibody fragments in minutes. Combined with our current NovaFold structure prediction software, we now offer a complete suite of applications for high quality structure predictions on the cloud.


Next, we attended Oxford Global’s 10th Annual Proteins & Antibodies Congress in London where we enjoyed meeting with many of you and hearing about your research. Last weekend we arrived in Boston, ready for another awesome PEGS conference. Excited to see what May has in store!


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Upcoming NovaCloud Webinar


Next week, we are offering a free 30-minute webinar on our new NovaCloud web applications.


DNASTAR Senior Scientist Dr. Steve Darnell and Vice President Dr. Tom Lynch will demonstrate our three NovaCloud applications for structural and molecular biologists looking for fast, accurate, and easy-to-interpret results.


Join us on May 10 at 12:00 EDT.

Feature Creation Now Available in Protean 3D

It’s a feature many of you have asked for, and so with our latest Lasergene 14.1 release, we added the ability to create custom annotations to a protein sequence or structure in Protean 3D.
Check out our Quick Tip video (1:12) to see how it’s done.


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Try our New NovaCloud Applications!
Before the NovaCloud webinar next week, try a prediction for yourself by using one of our new NovaCloud Services applications – academic and government users can predict their first structure for free!


Access NovaFold
Access NovaFold Antibody
Access NovaDock