Using Cloud Computing for NGS Assemblies

Cloud computingNext-generation sequencing technologies have reduced the cost and increased the speed of DNA sequencing so significantly that the resulting volume of sequencing data is challenging the traditional approaches to data analysis. This issue of processing can be addressed through innovative analysis technology, and the adoption of cloud-based solutions.


Data management, transfer, and storage, as well as security and computing power, are all vital components to success in using the power of the cloud for next-gen sequence data analysis. To make the transition to using cloud tools in analysis work, the integration between familiar desktop tools and cloud capabilities is highly important.


Through utilizing the cloud, hardware requirements for complex projects are virtually eliminated, allowing users to both get up and running faster initially with a project and run multiple large projects in parallel. Both data and completed projects can also be stored on the cloud as well, additionally alleviating internal physical space requirements.


DNASTAR’s Cloud Assemblies functionality combines the familiar SeqMan NGen assembler interface with the computing power of the Amazon Cloud. Next-gen assembly projects are quickly set up in the step-by-step interface and multiple assemblies can be run in parallel. These assemblies can be performed using data from all major next-gen sequencing platforms. Project types range from gene panels to whole genomes. Data transfer for these cloud assembly projects is fast and seamless using the associated DNASTAR Cloud Data Drive application. To see this workflow in action, check out this video.