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A warning message that the “identity of the developer cannot be confirmed” appears when attempting installation of DNASTAR software on Macintosh OS X 10.9.5 and later

Date: 9/18/2014


Version Affected: 12.0 and 12.0.1


Version Fixed: 12.1


Issue: Macintosh OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) and later require a “v2” signature. Lasergene 12.0 and 12.0.1 have a “v1” signature. Therefore, when attempting to install Lasergene 12.0 or 12.0.1 or its components on Macintosh OS X 10.9.5 (or later), the following message appears: “[ApplicationName] 12.x.x Mac Install can’t be opened because the identity of the developer cannot be confirmed.”




To correct this issue:


After the release of Lasergene 12.1, please log in and download the most recent version of the software. If you need assistance, contact DNASTAR at 866-511-5090 or support@dnastar.com for help.


Prior to the release of Lasergene 12.1, or if you do not wish to upgrade to that version, you may circumvent the issue as follows:


  1. Click the OK button to close the warning.
  2. Ctrl+click on the file named [ApplicationName] 12.x.x Mac Install and select Open. You will see a warning that appears similar to the original warning.
  3. Click the Open button at the bottom of the new message.


The installer will now run as normal.



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