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Attempt to check out commuter license on Mac leads to “Check Out Error” message

Date: 9/16/17


Version Affected: All


Version Fixed: N/A


Issue: For DNASTAR License Server configurations authorized after September 15, 2017, the commuter license manager on Macintosh may give the following message:


Check Out Error

Unable to check out

Error [125]: Required locking criteria for local request is not available on your machine.


Resolution: We are working to fix this issue. If you are experiencing an issue attempting to check out a commuter license on Macintosh, please contact DNASTAR at 866-511-5090 or

Commuter License Manager gives a “time tamper” error (Windows 10 users only)

Date: 3/1/16


Version Affected: 13.0


Version Fixed: N/A


Issue: Using the DNASTAR commuter license manager on Windows 10 elicits a “time tamper” error message. This message occurs due to an issue with the Sentinel licensing software used by the DNASTAR license manager. We are actively working with the Sentinel software team to resolve this issue.


Resolution: Until the issue is resolved, you will need to install the Lasergene commuter license manager on a different (non-Windows 10) computer, or downgrade your Windows operating system to Windows 7 or Windows 8. Please contact DNASTAR at 866-511-5090 or for assistance.

Unsecured network systems risk license server vulnerability

Date: 6/16/2015


Version Affected: DNASTAR Lasergene License Server 11.0 to 12.2


Version Fixed: DNASTAR Lasergene License Server 12.3


Issue:  A vulnerability has been discovered in the third-party license server executable (“lserv”) installed with the network version of Lasergene. If an outside party attempts to exploit this vulnerability, the user may receive unexpected error messages from lserv. This issue has only been reported for networks that do not follow recommended levels of network security.


Resolution:  This vulnerability was addressed with the release of DNASTAR Lasergene License Server 12.3 on July 1, 2015. To correct the issue, download and install the latest DNASTAR Lasergene License Server for Windows or Macintosh, as described in the DNASTAR Lasergene Network Setup Guide. If you need assistance, please contact DNASTAR at 866-511-5090 or


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