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Every year for the last 28 years, more researchers have cited DNASTAR’s software in scientific journals than any other sequence analysis software.


Featured here is a sampling of publications so far in 2014. Check back each month for an update on the latest publications citing DNASTAR tools.


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2014 Publications

CstF-64 supports pluripotency and regulates cell cycle progression in embryonic stem cells through histone 3’ end processing

Bradford A. Youngblood, Petar N. Grozdanov and Clinton C. MacDonald

Nucleic Acids Research, June 2014; 42: 8330-8342

SeqMan NGen and ArrayStar were used to assemble and analyze Illumina RNA-Seq data.


Systematic discovery of novel ciliary genes through functional genomics in the zebrafish

Semil P. Chokshi, Deepak Babu, Doreen Lau, Xianween Yu, and Sudipto Roy

Development, July 2014; 141: 3410-3419

ArrayStar was used for microarray analysis.


Mycobacterium tuberculosis Lsr2 Is a Global Transcriptional Regulator Required for Adaptation to Changing Oxygen Levels and Virulence

I. L. Bartek, L. K. Woolhiser, A. D. Baughn, R. J. Basaraba, W. R. Jacobs, Jr., A. J. Lenaerts, M. I. Voskull

mBio, June 2014; 5 (3)

ArrayStar was used for microarray analysis to determine statistically significant regulated genes.


Identification of genes required for the survival of B. fragilis using massive parallel sequencing of a saturated transposon mutant library

Yaligara Veerangouda, Fasahath Husain, Elizabeth L. Tenorio, and Hannah M. Wexler

BMC Genomics, June 2014; 15: 429

Lasergene Genomics Suite was used to analyze RNA-Seq data.


Characterization of a Novel Influenza Virus in Cattle and Swine: Proposal for a New Genus in the Orthomyxoviridae Family

Ben M. Hause, Emily A. Collin, Runxia Liu, Bing Huang, Zizhang Sheng, Wuxun Lu, Dan Wang, Eric A. Nelson, Feng Li

mBio, March 2014; 5 (2)

SeqMan NGen was used to assemble Ion Torrent data.


Metabolite Changes Signal Genetic Regulatory Mechanisms for Robust Cell Behavior

Sang Jun Lee, Andrei Trostel, Sankar Adhya

mBio, January 2014; 5 (1)

ArrayStar was used for visualization of array data.


Isolation and Characterization of the Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Viruses Associated with the 2013 Disease Outbreak among Swine in the United States

Qi Chen, Ganwu Li, Judith Stasko, Joseph T. Thomas, Wendy R. Stensland, Angela E. Pillatzki, Phillip C. Gauger, Kent J. Schwartz, Darin Madson, Kyoung-Jin Yoon, Gregory W. Stevenson, Eric R. Burrough, Karen M. Harmon, Rodger G. Main, Jianqiang Zhang

Journal of Clinical Microbiology, January 2014; 52: 234-243

DNASTAR’s Lasergene Core Suite was used for Sanger sequencing assembly and analysis.


The Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor Is Important for Proper Seminiferous Tubule Architecture and Sperm Development in Mice

Deborah A. Hansen, Prabagaran Esakky, Andrea Drury, Laura Lamb, and Kelle H. Moley

Biology of Reproduction, January 2014; 90: 1-12

Seqbuilder was used for sequence analysis.


Abscisic Acid Flux Alterations Result in Differential Abscisic Acid Signaling Responses and Impact Assimilation Efficiency in Barley under Terminal Drought Stress

Christiane Seiler, Vokkaliga T. Harshavardhan, Palakolanu Sudhakar Reddy, Götz Hensel, Jochen Kumlehn, Lennart Eschen-Lippold, Kalladan Rajesh, Viktor Korzun, Ulrich Wobus, Justin Lee, Gopalan Selvaraj, and Nese Sreenivasulu

Plant Physiology, April 2014; 164: 1677-1696

MegAlign was used for multiple sequence alignments and PrimerSelect for primer design.


Abnormal retinal development associated with FRMD7 mutations

Mervyn G. Thomas, Moira Crosier, Susan Lindsay, Anil Kumar, Masasuke Araki, Bart P. Leroy, Rebecca J. McLean, Viral Sheth, Gail Maconachie, Shery Thomas, Anthony T. Moore, and Irene Gottlob

Human Molecular Genetics, March 2014; 23: 4086-4093

SeqMan Pro was used for alignment and analysis of Sanger data.