Fall Publications

?????????????????????Did you know DNASTAR software has been cited in over 50,000 peer-reviewed publications? Last year alone, our software was cited in peer reviewed publications more than twice as often as any competitor’s software.


Featured here are just a few of the publications citing DNASTAR software over the past month. Check back each month for an update on the latest publications citing DNASTAR tools.


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Publications Citing DNASTAR Software November 2015



Intron Invasions Trace Algal Speciation and Reveal Nearly Identical Arctic and Antarctic Micromonas Populations
Melinda P. Simmons, Charles Bachy, Sebastian Sudek, Marijke J. van Baren, Lisa Sudek, Manuel Ares Jr, and Alexandra Z. Worden
Molecular Biology and Evolution (Nov 2015) vol. 32 no. 11


Post-transcriptional Mechanisms Contribute Little to Phenotypic Variation in Snake Venoms
Darin R. Rokyta, Mark J. Margres, and Kate Calvin
G3 (Nov 2015) vol. 5 no. 11


Targeting Filarial Abl-like Kinases: Orally Available, Food and Drug Administration–Approved Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors Are Microfilaricidal and Macrofilaricidal
Elise M. O’Connell, Sasisekhar Bennuru, Cathy Steel, Michael A. Dolan and Thomas B. Nutman
Journal of Infectious Diseases (Nov 2015) vol. 212 no. 10


Plastid Genotyping Reveals the Uniformity of Cytoplasmic Male Sterile-T Maize Cytoplasms
Massimo Bosacchi, Csanad Gurdon, and Pal Maliga
Plant Physiology (Nov 2015) vol. 169 no. 3