March 2015 Publications

iStock_000012734320SmallEvery year for the last 30 years, more researchers have cited DNASTAR’s software in scientific journals than any other sequence analysis software.


Featured here is a sampling of publications so far in 2015. Check back each month for an update on the latest publications citing DNASTAR tools.


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March 2015  Publications


Origin, Evolution, and Virulence of Procine Deltacoronaviruses in the United States

Yuanmei Ma, Yu Zhang, Xueya Liang, Fangfei Lou, Michael Oglesbee, Steven Krakowka, Jianrong Li

mBio, March 2015; 6

SeqMan NGen was used for assembly of Illumina data.


The MSPDBL2 Codon 591 Polymorphism Is Associated with Lumefantrine In Vitro Drug Responses in Plasmodium flaciparum isolates from Kilifi, Kenya

Lynette Isabella Ochola-Oyier, John Okombo, Leah Mwai, Steven M. Kiara, Lewa Pole, Kevin K. A. Tetteh, Alexis Nzilla, Kevin Marsh

Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, March 2015; 59: 1770-1775

SeqMan Pro was used for sequence assembly and editing and MegAlign for sequence alignment.


microDuMIP: target-enrichment technique for microarray-based duplex molecular inversion probes

Jung-Ki Yoon, Jinwoo Ahn, Han Sang Kim, Soo Min Han, Hoon Jang, Min Goo Lee, Ji Hyun Lee, and Duhee Bang

Nucleic Acids Research, March 2015; 43

SeqMan Pro was used for Sanger sequence data analysis.


Importin-α-Mediated Nucleolar Localization of Potato Mop-Top Virus TRIPLE GENE BLOCK1 (TGB1) Protein Facilitates Virus Systemic Movement, Whereas TGB1 Self-Interaction Is Required for Cell-to-Cell Movement in Nicotiana benthamiana

Nina I. Lukhovitskaya, Graham H. Cowan, Ramesh R. Vetukuri, Jens Tilsner, Lesley Torrance, and Eugene I. Savenkov

Plant Physiology, March 2015; 167: 738-752

MegAlign was used for sequence alignment.


Targeting Filarial Abl-like Kinases:  Orally Available, Food and Drug Administration-Approved Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors Are Microfilaricidal and Macrofilaricidal

Elise M. O’Connell, Sasisekhar Bennuru, Cathy Steel, Michael A. Dolan, and Thomas B. Nutman

Journal of Infectious Diseases, March 2015

SeqBuilder was used to analyze protein sequences, and MegAlign was used for sequence alignment, bootstrapping, and phylogenetic analysis.


Integrity of the yeast mitochondrial genome, but not its distribution and inheritance, relies on mitochondrial fission and fusion

Christof Osman, Thomas R. Noriega, Voytek Okreglak, Jennifer C. Fung, and Peter Walter

PNAS, March 2015; 112

SeqMan NGen and SeqMan Pro were used for alignment and analysis of Illumina data.