November Publications Citing Lasergene

?????????????????????Did you know DNASTAR software has been cited in over 50,000 peer-reviewed publications? Last year alone, our software was cited in peer reviewed publications more than twice as often as any competitor’s software.


Featured here are just a few of the publications citing DNASTAR software over the past month. Check back each month for an update on the latest publications citing DNASTAR tools.


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Publications Citing DNASTAR Software November 2015



Karyotype differentiation in 19 species of river loach fishes (Nemacheilidae, Teleostei): extensive variability associated with rDNA and heterochromatin distribution and its phylogenetic and ecological interpretation

Alexandr Sember, Jörg Bohlen, Vendula Šlechtová, Marie Altmanová, Radka Symonová and Petr Ráb

BMC Evolutionary Biology (2015) vol. 15 no. 251


Transcriptome profiling reveals distinctive traits of retinol metabolism and neonatal parallels in the MRL/MpJ mouse

Justyna Podolak-Popinigis, Bartosz Górnikiewicz, Anna Ronowicz and Paweł Sachadyn

BMC Genomics (2015) vol. 16 no. 926


Genomic mutational analysis of the impact of the classical strain improvement program on β–lactam producing Penicillium chrysogenum

Oleksandr V. Salo, Marco Ries, Marnix H. Medema, Peter P. Lankhorst, Rob J. Vreeken, Roel A. L. Bovenberg and Arnold J. M. Driessen

BMC Genomics (2015) vol. 16 no. 937


ω-Tbo-IT1–New Inhibitor of Insect Calcium Channels Isolated from Spider Venom

Alexander N. Mikov, Irina M. Fedorova, Natalia N. Potapieva, Ekaterina E. Maleeva, Yaroslav A. Andreev, Alexey V. Zaitsev, Kira K. Kim, Eduard V. Bocharov, Timur N. Bozin, Dmitry A. Altukhov, Alexey V. Lipkin, Sergey A. Kozlov, Denis B. Tikhonov and Eugene V. Grishin

Nature Scientific Reports (2015) vol. 5 no. 17232


Occurrence of viable, red-pigmented haloarchaea in the plumage of captive flamingoes

Kyung June Yim, Joseph Kwon, In-Tae Cha, Kyung-Seo Oh, Hye Seon Song, Hae-Won Lee, Jin-Kyu Rhee, Eun-Ji Song, Jeong Rae Rho, Mi Lyu Seo, Jong-Soon Choi, Hak-Jong Choi, Sung-Jae Lee, Young-Do Nam and Seong Woon Roh

Nature Scientific Reports (2015) vol. 5 no. 16425