Issues related to NCBI’s transition from GI Numbers to Accession Numbers

Date: 9/29/2016


Version Affected: 13 and previous


Version Fixed: 14.0


Issue: The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) has announced that they are changing certain file formats and restructuring their EUtils databases. The date of this change has not been announced, but will likely occur in Fall 2016.


Many Lasergene applications allow you to search and download files from NCBI databases. The upcoming NCBI changes will affect BLAST/Entrez searching and Transcript Annotation Database functionality  in all existing versions of Lasergene (through version 13). For example, Lasergene currently utilizes NCBI’s present identification system of “Genome Identifier Number” (GI #) as the unique sequence identifier,  though “Accession Numbers” are also supported in many situations. As one of the changes, NCBI intends to begin using “Accession Numbers” as the unique sequence identifier.


Resolution: With the launch of Lasergene 14.0, all applicable Lasergene applications now support “Accession Numbers” as the unique sequence identifier. To resolve the issue, log in to your DNASTAR account to update to the latest version of Lasergene. Please contact DNASTAR at 866-511-5090 or if you need assistance.