Issues running Lasergene on Macintosh 10.12 (Sierra)

Date: 3/2/2017


Version Affected: 14.0 and earlier


Version Fixed: 14.1


Issue: Users of Lasergene 14.0 and earlier have experienced a variety of issues when running Lasergene applications on Macintosh 10.12 (Sierra). Several issues pertain to all Sierra machines, while others occur only on Sierra machines using the Retina high-definition display. Examples of known issues include:


  • Lasergene application help does not display.
  • Except in SeqBuilder, initiating a BLAST search causes the Lasergene application to close.
  • On Retina displays only, dialogs for adding, opening, saving or exporting files do not display correctly, orĀ  cause the Lasergene application to close.


Resolution: These issues have been resolved with the release of Lasergene 14.1. To regain full software functionality, log in to your DNASTAR account and update to the latest version of Lasergene. If you have questions or need assistance updating your software, please contact DNASTAR at 866-511-5090 or


For best results, we also recommend updating your Macintosh machine to Sierra 10.12.4 when that version is released.