A recap of 2015 – by the numbers!


iStock_000076232677_MediumAs we close in on the end of 2015, it is worthwhile to look back and review what’s been accomplished this past year. This can help us to appreciate how far we’ve come in some areas, but it also gives us some perspective on plans for 2016. So, being a financial person by background, I thought I’d look back at 2015 at DNASTAR – by the numbers.



50,000 – During 2015, DNASTAR surpassed 50,000 peer-reviewed publications in which our software was cited by our customers. We are humbled by this number but gratified that so many people found our software useful to them in their work to use it and cite it in their publications.


100 – A few months ago, I wrote about DNASTAR surpassing 100 blog posts. We continue to find interesting topics to write about and we hope you continue to enjoy our offerings. Please let us know your thoughts about our blog and any suggestions you have for topics you’d like to see included in the future.


51 – The number of Lasergene Weekly newsletters we issued in 2015. We desire to keep you informed of what’s new at DNASTAR every week. If you aren’t currently receiving our newsletter, join our mailing list now to begin to receive it.


31 – Years in business. We started in 1984 and we have continued going strong since that time, developing state of the art software for molecular biologists and, more recently, structural biologists. More on both of those topics a bit later.


22 – Quick Tips videos released this year, in a brand new section of our blog. All of these videos cover an important molecular biology, genomics or structural biology topic and show how to use our software to accomplish your objectives in one minute or less. While not exhaustive, they should give you a good start on a variety of important workflows.


10 – Hour-long webinars we held in 2015, including three at various BioConference Live virtual conferences and seven that we sponsored and hosted ourselves. See recordings of our recent webinars here. These webinars do a deep dive on one or more topics to give you an in-depth discussion of how to accomplish your research objectives using our software.


#1 – We did a thorough comparison of our software to open source software and other genomics software providers. We can clearly say that we are #1 in accuracy for next-generation sequencing exome alignment and variant calling. And our software is on average 3X faster than all the others.  See the full results.


#1 – During 2015, we supplemented NovaFold structure prediction software on the cloud with the release of NovaFold local for ground computer installation.  It remains the #1 protein structure prediction software on the planet, according to the past five CASP competitions rating I-TASSER, on which NovaFold is based.  Read more about it here.


2016 – We are proud of what we accomplished in 2015 and we thank you for your continued support of DNASTAR.  Without you, none of this means anything. So, what’s in store for 2016? Stay tuned. Some exciting things are about to happen…


Happy new year, everyone. More to come soon!

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