Is a site license right for you?

HiResMany organizations are increasingly finding that software site licenses are the right solution to meet the sequence analysis needs of their scientific staff. Even groups as small as 15-20 users often find that these site licenses are both the most convenient and cost-effective option. So, what are the benefits to a site license?


  • Unlimited licenses. With this software licensing option, an unlimited number of licenses are available and the software can be installed on as many Windows or Macintosh computers as desired. This makes site licenses ideal for both whole organizations/departments, groups of labs, or rapidly growing organizations.
  • Cost effective. For growing groups of users, site licenses can be a less expensive option than continually adding additional licenses to a network.
  • Locked-in pricing. By purchasing a site license, you can fix your investment and lock in favorable pricing for years in the future.
  • Low IT investment. Site licenses allow you to avoid having your IT staff manage functions related to administering a large, complex, centralized network of software licenses.

It might be time to re-evaluate your current licensing arrangement! Do you think a site license would be a good option for your organization? What’s the best software licensing solution you’ve found?


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