Most popular videos of 2014

The DNASTAR YouTube channel features hundreds of videos covering topics ranging from next-gen sequence analysis to protein structure prediction. We ran the numbers, and here’s what you were watching in 2014. Sit back, relax, and tune in to our top ten most popular videos from this past year. Afterwards, subscribe to our channel to get all the newest videos in 2015!


#10 Restriction Enzyme Cloning



#9 Lasergene Overview



#8 Getting Started with MegAlign Pro



#7 Virtual Cloning Workflow



#6 Cloning and Primer Design in Lasergene Core Suite Webinar



#5 Primer Walking



#4 Sanger Sequence Alignment and SNP Discovery in SeqMan Pro



#3 De novo Genome Assembly in Lasergene Genomics Suite



#2 Primer Design Overview



#1 Assembling and Analyzing Sanger Sequencing Data