Lasergene Genomics Suite

dbNSFP Gene Level Annotations for ArrayStar

dbNSFP(v3.3) is an integrated database of functional annotations for the human genome which compiles data from multiple sources to provide highly distilled information at both the variant* and gene level. The dbNSFP gene level annotation table can be imported into an ArrayStar project and accessed within the gene table, as well as used for advanced filtering.

*Note that for analysis at the variant level, Lasergene Genomics Suite offers a unique variant annotation database, which includes data from dbNSFP as well as 1000 Genomes. To learn more about incorporating the variant annotation database into your research, see our Variant Analysis Workflow.

To use dbNSFP annotations in ArrayStar:

  1. Download the following zipped file:
  2. Decompress the zipped file.
  3. Open your ArrayStar project, choose File>Import Annotations and select the dbNSFP3.3_gene file from the decompressed dbNSFP folder.

Note: To add GO annotations to your dbNSFP annotation data, select the Data>Download Annotations... menu command.


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