GenVision Pro

Software for Genomic Visualization

GenVision Pro is the newest addition to our popular Lasergene Genomics Suite package, and offers a new way to visualize your genomic results, and high-quality, highly-customizable images that you can easily export for publication. GenVision Pro makes it easy to visualize, browse, and compare multiple genome-scale assemblies, including data combined from multiple project types, through full integration with SeqMan NGen and ArrayStar. The ability to display and compare genome-wide data sets for multiple samples makes GenVision Pro an essential tool for RNA-Seq, ChIP-Seq and CNV projects, where coverage and peak plots are compared and used to interpret gene expression and regulation.

Features & Highlights


Browse and Compare Genomic Data from Multiple Assemblies in a Single Project

  • Quickly open genomic data in GenVision Pro directly from SeqMan NGen or ArrayStar with a single click, eliminating the need to upload large files to a separate browser
  • Import genome sequences directly from NCBI using our integrated Genome Download Tool
  • Navigate through your genome by any combination of criteria, including gene name, chromosome number, and sequence position — history tracking allows you to easily go back to regions of interest
  • Easily visualize and analyze mRNA isoforms using Sashimi plots, which display the depth of coverage for each exon alongside arcs representing the number of reads split across each junction
  • View and compare a variety of data tracks such as features, RPKM data for RNA-Seq assemblies and IP RPM data for ChIP-Seq assemblies — all in a single view


Easily Prepare High-Quality Images of Genomic Data for Publication

  • Customize the color, graph type, and scale of each data track, giving you the ability to fine-tune your image to perfection
  • Drag and drop tracks to reorganize and use the slider to easily control the height of each track
  • Hide and display the tracks and features in your image by simply checking a box
  • Export images as a PDF, PNG, or JPG file, or export a fully-editable image to PowerPoint

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