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DNASTAR's Lasergene Structural Biology Suite and Evolution Suite comprise what used to be called Lasergene Core Suite. Combined, these two suites provide the best tools available in traditional sequence analysis software, enabling you to easily perform multiple and pairwise sequence alignments, assemble contigs and analyze SNPs, discover genes, design primers, analyze and predict protein structure, and more.



The Lasergene Structural Biology and Evolution Suites consist of the following applications and workflows:

Supported workflows include:

Sequence Alignment
Gene Discovery
Sanger Sequence Assembly and Analysis
Primer Design
Automated Virtual Cloning
Protein Sequence and Structure Analysis
Epitope Prediction
Structural Alignment


SeqBuilder - for sequence editing and annotation, automated virtual cloning, and primer design
SeqMan Pro
SeqMan Pro - for contig assembly and analysis, including SNP discovery
MegAlign - for DNA and protein sequence alignments and analysis
MegAlign Pro
MegAlign Pro - for multiple sequence alignments using MUSCLE, Mauve, MAFFT, or Clustal Omega
GeneQuest - for gene discovery and annotation
Protean 3D
Protean 3D - for exploring macromolecular structure, motion, and function
Protean - for protein structure analysis and prediction
Access to NovaFold - for protein structure prediction on the Cloud
GenVision - for publication-quality illustrations
SeqNinja - for automated editing of genome sequences and annotations
PrimerSelect - for advanced primer design
EditSeq - for importing and editing unusual file types
DNASTAR Navigator
Navigator - a guide to all DNASTAR Lasergene applications



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SeqMan NGen
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SeqMan Pro
MegAlign Pro
Protean 3D

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