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SeqBuilder - Software for Sequence Editing and Annotation, Automated Virtual Cloning, and Primer Design


SeqBuilder is Lasergene’s flagship application for sequence editing, annotation, and map creation, as well as for automated virtual cloning and primer design. SeqBuilder’s application window allows you to display multiple, interactive, views simultaneously. And, its project management feature enables you to easily find that needle in a haystack sequence file based on name, features, or a snippet of the actual sequence. To learn more, see the Features or Resources tab below.


"SeqBuilder has changed the way I clone/subclone genes by providing a digital way of checking everything out before going to the bench."

Carole Dabney-Smith, Miami University


Create Virtual Clones

  • Multiple cloning methods available, including Gateway multisite, TA, TOPO and restriction cloning.
  • Each method has a wizard to help you construct the virtual clone automatically after the insert and the vector are selected.
  • Use either cataloged or custom vectors. Click on the labels of restriction sites surrounding the region or on your insertion site.

    Design Primers

  • Create customized primer pairs near the ends and in the same reading frame as the gene.  Video See it!
  • Modify your primers by changing the length, introducing restriction sites, creating mutations and changing codon usage. Video See it!
  • Create a PCR insert for TA cloning from your PCR product of the current primer pair. Video See it!

    Annotate your Sequence

  • View your sequence in a variety of forms, including graphically-rich circular and linear displays, and split panes of the same sequence.
  • Customize graphical and textual displays through simple curtain and click-and-drag interface. Video See it!
  • Display lists of GenBank features, summary of cut sites, and sequence comments.

    Editing and Analysis

  • Choose restriction sites to display based on the frequency of cuts, type or class, site complexity, or overhang compatibility.
  • Create or edit constructs through standard editing and enhanced copy/paste functions.
  • View ORFs that are updated with every sequence edit that you make, and translate DNA or back translate protein using any of the supplied genetic codes.


  • Advanced project management, including importing a VNTI database with an easy drag and drop into a project window for organization and easy search capabilities.
  • Export your project to GenVision or copy and paste pictures for high quality graphical images.
  • Find related sequences using the integrated BLAST and Entrez search tools.
  • Share sequence and feature edits simultaneously across multiple Lasergene applications.
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    Whether you are a long time customer, or are just starting to learn about SeqBuilder, you may find some of the following resources helpful:

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