Lasergene Genomics Suite

Benchmarking Data

Listed below is representative Lasergene Genomics Suite benchmarking data for both reference-guided and de novo assemblies, created by using a computer with specifications similar to those listed on our technical requirements page for the applicable experiment.

Lasergene Genomics Suite Reference-Guided Genome Alignment Benchmarks
Data Set Sequence
Coverage Assembly
Yeast Genome (ERX009559)* Illumina 22X 2 minutes
Yeast Genome (SRX1484451)* Ion Torrent 22X 3 minutes
Drosophila Genome (SRX1961013)* Illumina 23X 23 minutes
Human Exome (SRR701474)* Illumina 81X 53 minutes
Mouse RNA-Seq (SRX2013345)* Ion Torrent Proton NA 1.3 hours
Human RNA-Seq (SEQC - UHRR & Brain) Illumina NA 1.6 hours
Rice Genome (SRX179262)* Illumina 34X 1.6 hours
Human Exome (SRX1873412)* Ion Torrent Proton 162X 3.9 hours
Human Genome (SRP000239)* Illumina 36X 23 hours

Lasergene Genomics Suite De Novo Transcriptome Assembly Benchmarks
Data Set Sequence Technology Number of Reads (Millions) Transcripts Average Transcript Length Assembly Time
Human (SEQC) Illumina 100 30,342 975 15 hours
Water Bear (SRX1867970)* Illumina 45 24,960 1,680 30 hours

*Data sets for these projects were obtained from NCBI's Short Read Archive.