Alignment with Automated Gap Closure

Lasergene Genomics Suite

DNASTAR's Lasergene Genomics Suite now includes software that automates the process of gap closure following a genomic alignment. This functionality greatly reduces the need for manual finishing of your assembled project to address gaps caused by structural variants, such as insertions and deletions. Simply specify your paired-end sequence reads and a related reference sequence, and let the software do the following automatically:

  • Align paired-end reads to the reference sequence and identify structural variants present
  • Split reference-guided alignment at structural variant coordinates
  • Remove reference genome bias and auto-assemble novel regions, resulting in a scaffolded assembly with most structural variants resolved
  • Assemble unmapped reads de novo producing contigs that can be used to close scaffold gaps

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For more information on using Lasergene Genomics Suite for automated gap closure, please see the video above, which demonstrates an assembly showing a reduction in the number of unresolved structural variants from 31 using our standard workflow to four using this new workflow, dramatically reducing the work required for de novo genome closure.

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