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Lasergene Genomics Suite Clinical Research Software

DNASTAR's Lasergene Genomics Suite software includes comprehensive functionality for all aspects of cancer genomics. Features include:

  • The new best practice in NGS variant calling
  • The ability to identify mutations and genes that contribute to the development of a cancer cell
  • Streamlined workflows for cancer gene panels
  • Quick assembly of large data sets from all major next-gen technologies on a desktop computer
  • Powerful analysis and filtering capabilities for both prospective and retrospective studies
  • Ability to identify mutations using live, interactive views and comprehensive filtering tools
  • Direct connection to the dbNSFP, dbSNP, COSMIC and GERP databases
  • The ability to perform large-scale comparisons of SNPs across individuals and groups of individuals, and determine the level of disruption to each gene caused by the SNPs present

For more information on using Lasergene Genomics Suite software in your cancer genomics research, please see the video above, which illustrates our cancer/somatic gene panel workflow.

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